Woman stunned when date lifted her, lied about her dad being sick … then asked her mom to call and beg for another chance

MEETING can be fun, but it certainly comes with its fair share of horror stories that a woman has personally experienced.

Radio host Susan ‘Mason’ Moussette, 40, of Dallas, Texas, detailed when her date allegedly lifted her – then lied that her father was in the hospital before to ask his mother to call him to ask for another chance.


Susan ‘Mason’ Moussette, 40, shared the numerous voicemail messages on TikTokCredit: @ masononthemic / Tiktok

Susan detailed the chain of events in a series of clips on TikTok that exposed the many voicemail messages the man allegedly left for her after the scheduled date.

In the first video, which alone racked up over six million views, she explained that she put a lot of effort ahead of the date to find herself dining out on her own.

“I took a nap to be all rested and cool. I showered. I combed my hair. I looked good. And then I sat in a restaurant for half an hour waiting for him. , and he never showed up. ” she said.

“He then called me two hours later to let me know his father was in the hospital. And then he called me after that to tell me that his father was not actually in the hospital and that ‘he had lied. He then left me about five or six more voicemail messages. “


She was already confused as to why he lied before admitting he lied, but then he became defensive, even questioning her behavior.

In the clips, you can hear a male voice, which she claims to be his date, as he berates her for not calling him back quickly enough.

“It’s been an hour and I haven’t really heard from you, which I don’t think is very cool. I talked to my friends, and they said I should have heard something from you now, “he said.

“I know you’re busy with work and everything like that, but basically I told you my guts, you know I was super honest with you, and I don’t think it’s fair that you don’t call me back, “he continued. “It’s not cool.

“You know, honestly, I’m starting to rethink things, and I don’t know, if I don’t hear from you in the next 30 minutes, I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s going to work.”

He clearly changed his mind and called back to apologize, this time explaining that he had not “been treated very well over the years” and was just “really upset sometimes”.

“You said you were different. I thought you were different,” he can be heard saying in another video shared on TikTok. “I’m just a little upset when I feel like someone isn’t being honest with me after being honest with them,” he said, adding “I didn’t mean to scream.”

At this point, Susan admits that she never called him back, but the voicemails continued, going from “cool and calm” to angry.

“Why didn’t you call me back!” How could someone do this to someone else? you can hear the man screaming. “I told you it had happened in the past. You said you weren’t going to do it. You said it happened to you and it happened to me. That’s why we got along. so good.

The crazy level I’m in right now with this man who will keep leaving me voicemails. I should be afraid. I should be very scared for my safety, and yet I am also so amused.

Susan ‘Mason’ Moussette

“I left you several messages that overwhelmed me,” he continued. “All I ask is a callback, and we can go on a date. I can treat you really kindly. I really can. I just don’t understand girls like you. I thought you were. different.”

By this point, Susan had shared several clips online detailing the calls as she received them – and the man clearly realized she was doing it.

In the next post he left he threatened “legal action” if she continued to post about him online, with Susan joking that she was “scared for my life” now.

She said: “The level of insanity I’m immersed in right now with this man who won’t stop leaving me voicemails. I should be scared. I should be very scared for my safety, and yet I am. also so much fun. “

But things took a bewildering turn when she received another voicemail message, this time from the man’s mother, who allegedly begged Susan to give her son another chance.

After introducing herself in the voicemail, the woman said, “I know I shouldn’t be calling you right now, it’s none of my business, but sometimes I have a habit of trying to make things right. “

She explained that her son “told me what happened”, admitting that she was “very excited for him” to go on this date.

She went on to say that she had had many discussions with her son about how to treat people and that he knew that “what he had done was not right”, insisting that he was a “good, nice boy” who deserved “another shot”.

The woman even invited Susan to dinner so she could see he’s a “good boy” and suggested they play board games, before continuing her rather long voicemail.

In a final plea on behalf of her son, she concluded by asking Susan to call or text her son away.

Listeners who have invested in the story believe she dodged a bullet by not having a successful first date to begin with.

The message chain showed a number of “red flags” according to some, with most being shocked at the outcome.

“Girrrrlll, the best thing man has ever done for you is stand up!” one person wrote, while another added: “You dodged a whole family of fools.”

“I’m so glad he didn’t show up on the first date. Someone was watching over you! another said.

While someone else was wondering, “How many more red flags is he going to give away.”

She said he kept calling and leaving messages even though she hadn't called him back


She said he kept calling and leaving messages, even though she hadn’t called him backCredit: @ masononthemic / Tiktok
She worried but also found it funny


She worried but also found it funnyCredit: @ masononthemic / Tiktok

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