We need to talk about ‘Bejeweled’ Easter Eggs

It’s no secret to Swifties that Taylor is a “Mastermind” and loves giving us hints, but her video for “Bejeweled” is so stuffed we barely know where to begin! From the hint of the order of the re-recordings to the potential release date of Speak Now (Taylor Version), We have so much to talk about. In fact, Taylor Swift said there was a full PDF of all the clues – she couldn’t follow herself. Let’s dig in and see what we can find!

The Haim stepsisters were enchanting

So maybe their attitude towards Cindy-swift wasn’t the best, but their cameo performance gave us a lot to work with. Without speaking about Oscar winner Laura Dern… What an icon. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the dialogue, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to point out a certain song playing in the background. That’s right, we’re on Speak Now TV, first clue! “Enchanted” is not the only Speak Now song to appear in this video, but it sure got us excited. After all, what’s a fairy tale without a little enchantment?

After the track went viral on TikTok in 2021, fans are desperate to hear Taylor’s “Enchanted” re-recording. Could the time finally strike?

Do we have a re-registration schedule?

Did you notice the emphasis on certain words in that opening dialogue? We know some of you certainly did! Is the “don’t speak” code for Speak Now? Is the emphasis on “clean” code for 1989? Was the reference to the snake a reminder to reputation? Is it a scope? ‘Bejeweled’ just left us with so many questions!

Image source: Taylor Swift on YouTube
Image source: Taylor Swift on YouTube

This isn’t the first time Taylor has teased us with the two Speak Now and 1989-linked indices. Could this be the elusive double album theory some Swifties have speculated about? We are not sure. There’s also some hype in Swiftieland that it might hint at the release order of the re-recordings. We’ll have to wait and see!

We also noticed several references to Taylor’s folk era, with Laura suggesting she’s in “exile,” which is soon over. Taylor recently opened up about how while the folk era was fun, she had to fight to get back into pop music. Taylor certainly starts the video off like she’s straight out of a folklore promotional photo before she became “Bejeweled”.

We see by three

We know that Taylor Swift loves her lucky number 13. We also know from the “I Bet You Think About Me” music video that Taylor loves adding number cues in her videos. In our love of detecting all things, we noticed a number kept popping up throughout this video. 3. Why 3 is significant, you ask? Good, Speak Now It happens to be his third studio album. Here are some of the signs that stood out to us:

Taylor is heading to the third floor! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Taylor communicate with us via elevators. She has already done this in a music video where she was also heading to the thirteenth floor. Which video? That’s right, ‘Ours’, which is a single from – you guessed it – Speak Now. It all adds up!

That wasn’t the only elevator clue. Some of you may have noticed that the colors of the elevator buttons, as well as the floor number indicator, mirrored the release pattern of his albums. A fan helpfully tagged it for us!

If you’re crazy, we’re crazy together, my friend. We see the vision!

Do you want more than three? OK. When Taylor reaches the 13th floor, we see her stepping out onto the stage, where exactly 3 spotlights are shining, a scene eerily similar to that of the Speak Now World Tour. At the end of the video we also see exactly 3 dragons, but more on that later!

It’s in the jewelry

A “Bejeweled” Taylor is seen wearing a necklace whose pattern is similar to the colors of the jewelry in the elevator. The colors of the necklace and bodysuit match the colors of each of her previous albums, including Midnights. She is also seen posing with a purple earring. purple and red for Speak Nowand its deluxe edition?

Taylor is adorned with two sets of hair clips. One that displays his initials and the other S and N, which if you’ve read this far you probably know what it stands for!

Image source: Taylor Swift on YouTube
Image source: Taylor Swift on YouTube

“I had the best time of my life fighting dragons with you…”

We couldn’t end this without talking about that last scene! Not only did we see 3 dragons, but the instrumental of ‘Long Live’ was playing in the background. Did you catch it? This scene was full of even more Easter eggs we couldn’t count. Notable mentions include the “Haunted” bell, fireflies (Sparks fly?), and a small overview of the Studio Long Pond. We also can’t forget the Koi patterns in the windows! If you’ve read our analysis of the “Anti-Hero” music video, you’ll know that Koi were once important!

See also

We’d like to think that with nearly every one of her previous albums being given a nod in this video, we see that Taylor has reclaimed the keys to her castle, the proud owner of all her work once again. . Alright, where she belongs!

Has the countdown started?

While we are so proud of Midnights and wouldn’t expect Taylor to give us anything more anytime soon, did she just drop the date of Speak Now (Taylor Version)? We’ve talked before about Taylor’s “exile” ending soon, but some fans think they’ve spotted the release date for her next project. With the clock ticking at 12 and his exile ending in two days, there is speculation that the next album is slated for December 2! We guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Image source: Taylor Swift on YouTube

We’ll leave you with one last potential easter egg, this gorgeous visual of Taylor in gold on the Speak Now World Tour and one of the last shots of the video. Sound familiar?

Image source: Charles Sykes/Associated Press
Image source: Taylor Swift on YouTube

If you want to rewatch the ‘Bejeweled’ video to try and spot all the Easter eggs for yourself, you can watch it here:

Did you find any others, or was there a big one we missed? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop. We will also be present on Facebook and Instagram so put on your detective outfit and come debrief with us!


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