Virgins, Tears and a Cork Model Corrects a Debs Wrong

Ciara de Mayo is the first out the door on tonight’s first dates. The 25-year-old English student is paired with 28-year-old journalism student Orla. Unsurprisingly, there’s no shortage of conversations between them, and the compliments start flowing as soon as Orla de Lucan sits down.

The couple, who are bisexual, talk about having no preference between girls and boys (“if we rock, we rock,” says Ciara) and their love of Eurovision and Halloween. Orla has had three boyfriends but no girlfriends, while Ciara admits she’s never been in a relationship (although she’s been through the dreaded “situation”).

Ciara finds everything Orla does and says “so cool!!” while Orla says Ciara put her at ease from the start. At the end of the night, Ciara fights to pay the bill saying Orla gave her the best date she’s ever had. “I feel like we’re the same person cut in half,” Ciara gushed, “I know!” Orla laughs – passed out.

Katarina & Shane

Katarina was paired with kind Shane for her second First Dates experience

Katarina is back – with a new “do” and a new description of her ideal date. Last time out, the 27-year-old beautician was paired with a self-confessed ladies’ man who admitted to cheating on former girlfriends and showed his back to the nation. After some thought, the Slovak/Portlaoise beauty says she realized the matchmaker on the first date actually gave her what she asked for – so this time she’s looking for a nice guy.

Enter Shane, 31, who at two separate points describes himself as “boring” and just “average looking”. While the Meath man seems a little meek, admitting he’s “intimidated” by his date at one point, he’s not shy and is well prepared for Katarina’s sarcasm. At the end of the night, she offers to cover the bill but Shane has none of it. “You order my drinks, you want to pay for my dinner… are you going to dress me next?”

That’s a yes to a second date. Oh and Katarina says he’s “very handsome”, not average at all.

Sue and Brian

Brian &  Sue seemed to get along...but Brian said he didn't feel a spark
Brian and Sue seemed to get along…but Brian said he didn’t feel a spark

Sue, 45, starts the evening off by showing us she can put a fist in her mouth, while Brian, also 45, says what he wants from the date is “a ride”. The date continues in this vein.

“I LOVE meat,” Sue said pointedly as she gulped down her dinner. Former stud manager Brian responds to a question about sex on the first date saying he’d be okay with it but not sure he’d feel comfortable doing it in front of the cameras. Har Har.

But things get a little emotional behind the scenes when Sue admits she feels lonely “all the time”.

“Everyone wants, on a Sunday, to have that person to cuddle up with, to watch movies, to have someone to hold your hand, someone by your side, to have someone who jostles you when you bend over to take something out of the oven.”

At the end of the night, Brian is honest and says that even though he had fun, he didn’t feel that “spark”, but he would really like to go for another drink as friends. “I still get that,” Sue says, “everyone wants to be my friend.” Slowly his eyes start to bulge and Brian looks like he wants the ground to swallow him. “That’s why I usually lie,” he said.

Tim & Lauren

Lauren &  Tim was a good couple
Lauren and Tim were a good couple

Gym rat Tim comes with guns blazing – in every sense of the word. The 24-year-old from Meath reveals he was considered ‘most likely to be a lifelong virgin’ at his Debs – it’s unclear whether his peers were wrong. He was asked why he applied for First Dates; he says he would have no other options. Phew.

Luckily, the matchmakers at First Dates see a lot more in Tim than his old school pals and pair him with a gorgeous girl from Cork called Lauren. The 22-year-old part-time model says she’s a ‘hopeless romantic’ and admits she’s said ‘I love you’ more times than she ‘probably should have’. The two bond during the tough times at school, while Tom is complimenting Lauren’s style.

When the dreaded “Would you like to see each other again romantically?” question comes, Tim says yes immediately, with Lauren quickly intervening to say that’s a yes from her too. “Really?” he said looking like the cat that got the cream. “Yeah,” she said, laughing. “I was very happy when I walked in to be fair!”

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