Vanessa Hudgens is ready to ring in 2022 with her boyfriend

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Cole tucker have officially passed the 365-day mark and are set to ring together in 2022. On Wednesday, the actress shared a photo with her MLB pal with the caption “1 year later.” “I love you,” she added. Hudgens looks a bit blurry in the photo but their smiles look gleefully in love.

© Vanessa Hudgens

The couple celebrated Christmas together and the actress shared an adorable photo with her man in front of the Christmas tree. She looked cute in a comfy white jumpsuit and slippers while he looked like an athlete in sweatpants, a Cardinals long sleeve sweatshirt and hat.

Considering it’s only been a year, it’s no surprise that they still take their time when it comes to wedding bells. An insider said Us Magazine that the couple are very much in love but that the successful actress is still committed to her career first. “They are very much in love. They got to the point in their relationship where they got serious and made a commitment to each other, ”a source told the outlet. “However, Vanessa is also engaged in her career and not in that headspace right now when she is focusing on marriage,” they added.

Considering that Hudgens is a beautifully powerful and independent businesswoman, it’s no surprise that her 25-year-old boyfriend is “quite romantic,” according to the source.

The couple still haven’t moved in together, but according to the insider, it’s “the next step.” Since they’re both busy and hot at the same time, it’s a good thing they get along. “They understand each other’s careers very well and give themselves the space to be free and thrive,” the Us Weekly insider said.

People who have been in the industry for a while will often give the advice “good luck finding someone who is not pursuing the same kind of dreams or they will never understand” and it seems like this is something the coupled to. “They’ve both come to terms with the fact that their lives, including their relationship, are in the spotlight even though they’re both private. They really make an effort to see each other as much as they can, but they also miss each other when they are apart – it makes their meetings all the more special and meaningful, ”the source explained.

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