Udolly launches its crowdfunding campaign to make meetings accessible to everyone

Udolly is a unique dating app that helps people with disabilities, singles and friends start real relationships and find the right date without pretending.

We’ve translated Udolly into eleven languages ​​to encourage meaningful connections without any restrictions. “

– Spokesperson (Udolly app)

BARCELONA, SPAIN, November 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Dating apps have revolutionized the way people meet their friends and potential partners. However, certain sections of society, in particular the most vulnerable such as people with disabilities, find themselves at a disadvantage in such applications.

Udolly has set out to bring the same high quality dating experience with genuineness and authenticity for everyone in the dating market.

Speaking to the media, their spokesperson said: “At Udolly, we believe that whoever you are and whatever you want to find, it should be easier for you to effectively connect with other people through Udolly. That’s why their slogan says: Why pretend? On our app you can always be yourself. “

By comparing the Udolly app with other dating apps on the market, very big improvements could be noticed.

They encourage users to be themselves. The application is based on the social inclusion of all people, regardless of identity qualifiers that may lead to discrimination. No one has to pretend to be someone else to make connections. Anyone can find someone to chat with and meet in real life.

They cover a wide range of needs. Continuous review, surveys and innovations are part of the Udolly culture. The developers always strive to make Udolly safe, comfortable, and useful for everyone. Their community welcomes everyone, including people with disabilities, discouraged by the dating scene, those who struggle with social interactions.

They operate a massive and underserved market. According to the WHO, people with disabilities represent 15% of the world’s population. This market size amounts to 1 billion people. The plight of millions of people in all countries without access to the same resources as others, has led to the creation of Udolly, making it a leading meeting and discussion platform, ensuring that ‘There is a place for everyone in the dating culture.

While giving the Udolly app demo to the media, its main developer shared some great tips for using the app: “On Udolly, you swipe left and right, and a mutual like will result in a match. can however talk, to all app users, by sending free gifts and stickers. We have designed unique filters so that you can search our community by country, whether someone is living alone or as a couple , whether or not someone likes animals, what someone likes to eat, and what someone’s disability is (if any). “

The need for the crowdfunding campaign.
Launched four months ago to improve the dating world, Udolly now has more than 50,000 downloads. Despite a minimal marketing budget, Udolly has quickly made a name for itself in the minds of its 25,000 active users. Their next challenge is to generate enough income to support the three main developers and grow from there to allow Udolly to reach its true potential. This crowdfunding campaign aims to raise $ 40,000 to cover the costs of scaling Udolly. They will spend this start-up capital on marketing, iOS app development, and other business development activities.

How to support Udolly?
People can extend their help by making a monetary contribution to their crowdfunding campaign. They can also share a link to the campaign page on their social media platforms. Talking to their friends and family members about this unique dating and chat app is also helpful. As a thank you for their help, Udolly will be offering exclusive rewards, including limited edition Udolly branded products. To support Udolly, visit their crowdfunding page at: http://www.crowdfunding.udolly.com

To learn more about their app, you can visit their website udolly.com and get started by downloading the app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.datingpro.dolly

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