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Mount Westmore marks the unification of four hip hop icons for all admire. This Great-the group celebrates the impact and the eternal stature of Ice Cube, Too $hort, Snoop Doggand E-40.

As West Coast Pioneers, Innovatorsand ambassadorsthese legends formed this collective well in their Hall of fame-worthy careers. They have used pandemic downtime to start creating an album worthy of their pedigree.

On December 9fans will receive the bright, hand-made results. Snoop, Cube, 40, $ hort show these stars‘ indelible and global impact on culture through 15 tracks filled with funk, wisdom and swagger. Mount Westmore gather 125 years of combined experience, plus 100 million albums sold and unparalleled industry respect.

It was E-40 who launched the idea of ​​the group. The Vallejo, California entrepreneur has amassed a prolific music career since ending 1980s. Blending inventive lyricism with unequivocal delivery, it expanded to wine, spiritsand food franchise.

As 2020 pandemic on break four busy careers, 40 Water enlisted three of his collaborating peers to get the most out of their studios. Ice Cube welcomed the very idea in the middle Hollywood fame and its BIG3 professional basketball league. A former member of famous supergroups NWA and Westside Connection, Cube tag this team Mount Westmore.

Too shortwhose rap career spans 40 years on the avenues of Oakland, California, is a keystone of the mix. “The hip-hop spirit doesn’t really age,” he said The New York Times. “It’s like a little child thing that you have that is your spark of life.” This spark burns on the album.

Snoop Dogg is a perfect fit alongside its ancestors. At the start of the 1990s nosy became an international superstar with its fluid style, authentic storytelling and ability to blend into any environment. Now a tycoon, Snoop took on this charisma”from streets to suites,“as he raps about”Free game.Mount Westmore bookends one 2022 who witnessed To spy to acquire Death Row Files and deliver a Emmys-winner Super Bowl Halftime Show. Now he shines with some of his tops influence.

UB attended a conference with Ice Cube, E-40 & Too $hort, Snoop is filming a film.

hip hop legends Overview tracks from their debut album, they call good and fun music and replied questions for the hurry. Songs like “Modelin which they call the shit talking song and “Up and down“, Too short declared cube destroyed the first verse, he Is!

In the clip they share the goal of uniting them and Ice Cube breaks down one of the highlights of the album »Lace up.

Ice Cube, E-40 & Too $hort Talk “Mount Westmore!”

Individually, these four the artists maintained the Western coast for decades. Too short reflected the scam mentality of the Bay region, first commissioning rap tapes for pimps, movers and shakers. Of Mob Music in Hyphyand beyond, E-40 has constantly evolved without compromise. Ice Cube is a gangster rap pioneer whose the razor– pointed commentary mixed substance, style and attitude during hip-hopthe most progressive era. His iconic lyrics, a megaphone from the ‘hoodconfronted law enforcement, media bias and racism. Derived from Long Beach, nosy applied all this fashionsbefore adding one of the most adaptable flows of Rap. These styles fit together 15 Mount Westmore songs on Snoop, Cube, 40, $hort.

Among tour, Mount Westmore fall “Large subwoofer,” a 2021 video single which reached over 50 millions streams, followed by catchy, PLO– assisted video single “Too big.” Snoop, Cube, 40, $hort displays depth and range. “Free game” taken from from Cali electro-funk roots and finds Mount Westmore providing OG wisdom. E-40 sprinkles of jewels for the spirit before To spy favors Black property and self– accountability. $short Dog and Cube follow, offering valuable life lessons at no additional cost. cube put the table on “Enabled», an aggressive rallying cry with each CM rap in great shape. $hort, 40 and Snoop suggest the extra attention they gave to this project.

The dynamic soundscape of California is represented on this album, evident from the first title. Mount Westmore features chemistry among four of the best to ever do it and shows a thirst for to wineven as their imposing legacies have long been engraved in Pierre.

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