Twitter improves quality of live videos by removing feature

Twitter announced on Tuesday that it removing a feature of its live streaming tool, but the company is removing it in order to improve the quality of your video streaming.

What happened ? You can no longer invite guests to join you in an audio broadcast before the live broadcast. This feature was added in March 2020. Now when you go live, your broadcast will only feature you and anyone else in the frame, although people can still post in chat or tap to add a heart to interact with. you while you broadcast.

While Twitter says the change is aimed at improving video quality, it’s also worth noting that Twitter offers another feature for shared live audio – its Clubhouse-style space offering. The spaces seem to have taken up more than what the live video on Twitter allowed you to do, so maybe the company thought it would be redundant to offer both and focus on the feature that seems to have more of it. traction.

The change also follows another to improve video quality on the platform: in September, it announced that new videos posted on the platform would be less pixelated. I haven’t noticed a drastic difference yet, but I’ll take any improvements Twitter can make.

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