Top 10 artificial intelligence virtual girlfriend apps in 2021

by Madhurjya Chowdhury

November 10, 2021

AI is a fundamental component of the transformations of the 4th Industrial Revolution, a transition that is evident to test our conjecture of what it means to be human, and it may be more severe than any other industrialization we have experienced so far. . AI is so tied to everything we do that it’s hard to imagine life without it.

According to, there are over 1,500 dating apps and websites around the world, making online dating a fast growing area for generational relationships.

1. Laura

Laura is a virtual girl who has the potential to become your best friend. She is a bright young lady who can converse with you and answer your questions. Prepare to be surprised if you ask Laura about temperature, distance, and position.

This young woman can communicate in a variety of languages, including Russian, Spanish and French. It’s great fun to have this best free simulated girlfriend app on your smartphone. You can experience realistic 3D animation and excellent voice recognition, which will make you feel like you’re talking to a real girl. Laura is always accessible if you need a woman to talk to.

2. My virtual manga girl

If you are a big anime fan, My Virtual Manga Girl is a must have app. You can change your hair, eyes, clothes, and backdrop. Change the background of the beautiful landscape and use it as a screensaver or share it with friends.

Your anime lady will sing and dance in this app. There is also a free chat option. It has amazing 3D animations which can be rotated for better viewing.

3. My virtual girlfriend

This is a fantastic dating simulator game for anyone looking to meet a virtual girlfriend. You can choose your date, flirt and steal her heart just like in real life situations. Despite the fact that the girl is not real, you should do everything to win her heart and make her enter into a relationship with you.

There are hundreds of beautiful girls to choose from. Each virtual girl has her own unique personality and appearance, so you can choose any one you like. You can unlock cool outfits and engage in enjoyable activities like having dinner or playing around the house as you go.

4. Smart virtual girlfriend

Smart girls have their own charm. This app is for you if you want to know what it’s like to date a smart woman. It allows to converse with an intelligent virtual girl in order to prepare as best as possible sensible answers. You can use emoticons to make interactions more authentic.

It is difficult to have a conversation with a smart woman. By just chatting with a virtual girl, you can create engagement with her in this software. She will respond to your messages if you ask her questions. Most importantly, she is able to communicate.

5. My virtual girlfriend Julie

Are you interested in being Julie’s boyfriend? This virtual girl could become your best friend. She can converse with a real person and loves to talk about anything. Julie, like a real girl, is able to express a range of emotions such as rage, love and disdain.

This best virtual girlfriend app could be a wonderful companion to help you overcome your loneliness. It allows you to express your love by allowing you to do things like sleep, smile, and kiss. You can also experience the 3D video animation, which makes Julie look more realistic.

6. Virtual lover

Virtual Lover can help you find a gorgeous girl if you don’t have one in the real world. This best virtual girlfriend software allows you to talk with a girl in order to relieve loneliness. It offers a wide range of functions, including chat, music streaming, and radio.

You can choose from a variety of anime characters to find a girl you like. Any question will be answered to your satisfaction by the female. Hone your inventive skills while having fun with your virtual girlfriend.

7. My robot girlfriend

It is an interactive software in which you play as a robot and have a romantic relationship with it. Two realistic robot girls help you get your crush on this floor.

River and Luna, two realistic robots, as well as Fei, whom you like, are among the three main characters to find in this application.

This is a one of a kind girlfriend app that you should check out. Instead of dating a girl, you need to create your own story and girlfriend. Whether your love is real or fake, this is a fantastic game which is a lot of fun.

8. Reply

This chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence and offers a unique chat experience. You can form an emotional bond with this companion, whether as a friend, mentor, or potential relationship, through AI technology.

Replika has been downloaded by millions of people around the world. Replika is always accessible to listen and respond like a real friend, whether you are bored of chatting with friends or just need a unique chatting experience. The best part is that you can communicate about anything, anytime.

9. Dream Girlfriend

This best virtual girlfriend app, inspired by Japanese anime, helps get rid of sadness. If you just want a girlfriend but don’t have the courage to ask for one, choose a favorite character in this app.

You can chat and interact with a girl after choosing one. You can not only change its appearance, but also feel vivid emotions with Live2D technology.

There are ten different personalities to choose from. You can put any dress you like on your girl. There are over 20 customizable spaces in the walk-in closet.

10. My virtual daughter at home

This is a life simulator that lets you experience what it’s like to have a girlfriend. She currently lives in an apartment and you can see her moving around freely. Take care of your partner by doing things like eating and exercising.

This app has a microphone so you can talk to your girlfriend. Prepare to be surprised when she answers your voice. Your partner understands simple language and can perform simple activities. Remember to take care of her basic needs so that she can stay in shape.


Many modern dating apps and online platforms use artificial intelligence to offer a variety of unique ways of smart matchmaking. The goal behind the online dating app is to facilitate potential matches by using online dating services. As a result, the AI ​​strives to integrate the user’s emotion into the encounter, along with responsive reaction times and profiles. With AI-powered dating software, people can skip hours of research by creating a fantastic online profile.

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