This Twitter thread of desi people sharing how their dads use formal language is gaining the internet

Growing up in an Indian household is a unique experience to say the least. With various unwritten rules and decorum, there are things that unite Desi children all over the world. Something similar happened when a Twitter user shared a recent conversation with his father on the microblogging site, only to have others say “totally relatable.”

A tweet from @twentytwobyPai has left netizens divided after showing how his father uses formal language to remind him of bank statements to file tax returns. “Trust that this finds you in your best state of health and mind. I’m still waiting for your bank statement to file your computer returns, “her father said before adding,” Please ship. “

Sharing a screenshot of her WhatsApp chat with her dad, she wrote: “Why is my dad texting me like he’s writing an email to the manager?

The post garnered a lot of attention online with numerous tweets that they could relate to. While some wondered if he had worked in the banking industry, others said regardless of their father’s background, this formal way of communicating is standard practice for all desi dads!

Several users shared a similar experience. Here is some:

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