The rhythm and the Alps gave me hope for the future

I spent New Years Eve in a world surrounded by guys who kept talking about fucking and it was beautiful.

Was I at an anonymous meeting of sex addicts? This has not yet been revealed.

DD bettors, I don’t know about you but for me the last few months have been fueled by the desperate urge to party in a field with 10,000 people while anticipating a sexy, flirty and spicy NYE kiss.

It actually took my life to the point where my daydreams were no longer about the sudden end of Covid and the return of my fun, renegade barbie 20s, but more about everything to do with rhythm and the Alps.

Hours upon hours of dreaming about an unrestricted life and being at a festival brought me through life at the WFH last year. I wanted to chat with strangers about random things, wait 10 minutes straight to go to the bathroom and wonder how much money I had left on my bracelet – I even went so far as to play drum and bass songs on my own. asking which one would take me in 2022.

Second day of Rythme et Alpes on December 31, 2021. Photo / George Heard

So at lunchtime in NYE and still didn’t have a ticket to the iconic Rhythm and Alps festival, I was about to burst into the beehives.

I mean, can you imagine how embarrassing those daydreams would have been if I hadn’t ended up attending the festival?

I should have taken botox to avoid frown lines.

Thank goodness for the above party angels and my dear friend George because a ticket was obtained, the hives retreated and my reverie was on track again to become a reality.

Rhythm and Alps was only a bus ride away.

For all the little legends who haven’t yet attended the iconic South Island festival, you’re in for a treat. It takes place in what looks like the middle of nowhere but is located just outside of Wanaka in this big old enclosure – surprisingly without sheep, surrounded by lots and lots of beautiful scenery (mountains) and that could be my bias of the South Island to come but it really is the best way to ring in the New Year.

You absolutely have to put it on your bucket list.

All revelers know appetizers are the tone of the night and the minute my best friend and I walked into a friend of a friend’s house we were faced with mountains of empty beer bottles, male musk. and 20 guys eyes on us.

We had found the guys’ secret world which is the place where you will immediately feel like the cute and sexy main character of your own romantic comedy.

Within minutes of being in the company of the guys from Central Otago three things were clear, they were beautiful, hilarious, and obsessed with variations of the word shag – it was going to be a great New Year.

Stepping into the boy’s world was incredibly refreshing and not just because I was back in my natural habitat of flirting, laughing and twisting, but, because there was no mention of Covid, no. just one vaccine debate, no fear of what the future might hold, only music, good vibes, abuse of the words “shag” and “shagger” accompanied by too much talk about shagging.

The guys had magically wiped all traces of Covid out of existence and made the world almost normal again, their shagger nicknames and “see you down” priorities reminded me of what the world was like before the pandemic and I felt like any minute we would wake up from a bad dream and start planning trips to Bali and OEs to London again.

When we finally got to Rhythm and Alps, we spent hours chatting with strangers, waiting for what seemed like years to us in the bathroom, spending all of our money on our bracelets and finding each other a bit too much. concerned to tell you which song brought us to 2022. – but it was all worth it.

A night without a single mention of this horrific pandemic and all that comes with it was a night we all needed. We felt young, foolish and free again, free from a virus that dramatically changed the course of our 20s.

Starting the year at Rhythm and Alps with a bunch of guys is something I might have taken for granted a few years ago, but have absolutely zero expectations and live in the moment as we start 2022 helped find much needed excitement for a Covid-Free Future.

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