The meta-owned app is working to ask for feedback in a new in-app survey chat from a few users

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Users are eagerly waiting for exciting updates on WhatsApp. The instant messaging app is trying to ask for feedback in a new built-in survey chat from very few users, WABetaInfo reported. The update is said to be available in the future WhatsApp beta update for Android, iOS and Desktop.
The website also shared a screenshot of the “WhatsApp Survey” feature. Users can give feedback on new features, products, and things after receiving an invite. They are free to decline the invitation to give their opinion because it is optional. Users can also block the chat from which an invitation is sent.
“WhatsApp is working on introducing that this verified chat is used to send you survey invitations. If you participate in a survey, your response will not affect your account, features, and experience, but it will surely help WhatsApp to improve product quality,” WABetaInfo wrote.
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However, it’s still unclear which surveys people will receive from a conversation. “All your replies are securely saved and they are only available to a small portion of people and they comply with WhatsApp’s privacy policy. For official chats, WhatsApp marks verified accounts with a green tick so that you always know it’s an official account.” the website added.

Notably, WhatsApp survey will never ask for any sensitive information including credit card or two-step verification PIN. The update is in the under-development phase and its release date is still unknown.

The Application belonging to the meta also working on announcing the sharing of the telephone number with a company. With this feature, users will be allowed to share their numbers manually with a certain company that does not know their phone number. This feature is also under development and its release date is not yet known.

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