The cockroach is another dark dating trend – here are the signs

Blue stall: When two people go out together and act like a couple, but one person in the partnership states that they are not ready for any sort of etiquette or commitment (although they act in a different way ).

Breadcrumb : Leave ‘breadcrumbs’ of interest – non-binding random messages and notifications that seem to go on forever, but don’t end up taking you somewhere worthwhile.

Casperage: Be a friendly ghost – that is, yes, you are a ghost, but you offer an explanation in advance. Caspering is all about being a nice human being with common decency. An original idea.

Catfish: Someone who uses a fake identity to attract dates online.

Clearing: The clearing season takes place in January. It’s when we’re so miserable with the end of Christmas, the cold weather, and the general sadness of the seasons, that we connect with anyone just so that we don’t feel completely unsightly. You could hit an ex, or give that scary guy a chance that you don’t really like, or put up with really horrible sex just so you can feel human touch. It is a difficult time. Stay strong.

Lighting : Cloutlighting is the combination of gas lighting and the pursuit of social media influence. Someone will bait the person they’re dating on camera with the intention of angering or angering them, or making them look silly, and then share the video for everyone to laugh at.

Cock fishing: Also known as catcocking. When someone sending cock photos uses photo editing software or other methods to change the appearance of their penis, usually making it look bigger than it actually is.

Handcuff season: The cold fall and winter months when you are struck by a desire to be paired up or handcuffed.

Fire door : The fire door is when the access is entirely on one side, so you always wait for them to call or text and your efforts are cut down.

Fishing: When someone messages a group of people to see who would be interested in connecting, wait and see who replies, then choose who they want to be with. This is called fishing because the fisherman loads up bait, waits for a fish to bite, and then ignores all the others.

Flashpanner: Someone who’s addicted to that warm, fuzzy, and exciting start to a relationship, but can’t handle the tough times that might ensue – like having to make a firm commitment, meeting their parents, or posting an Instagram photo with them under – titled like “this one”.

Freckles : Freckles are when someone walks into your love life when the weather is nice… and disappears once it gets a little colder.

Gatsby: To post a video, photo or selfie on public social networks only for love interest to see it.

Ghost : Cut off all communication without explanation.

Great-ing: Be grateful, rather than resentful, towards your exes, just like Ariana Grande.

Hat fishing: When someone who looks best wearing a hat has photos on their dating profile that show them exclusively in hats.

Kitten fishing: Use images that represent you, but are so flattering that they could be misleading. So using really old or heavily edited photos, for example. Catfish can also dramatically exaggerate their size, age, interests, or accomplishments.

Love bombardment: Giving someone attention, gifts, gestures of affection, and promises for your future relationship, only to distract them from your little moments. In extreme cases, this can form the basis of an abusive relationship.

Microtriche: Cheating without physically crossing the line. So things like emotional cheating, sexting, confiding in someone other than your partner, that sort of thing.

Mountaineering: Reach out to people who might be out of your league, or reach the absolute top of the mountain.

Mandatory scan: Endlessly swiping on dating apps and flirting with no legitimate intention to meet, so you can tell yourself you’re doing * something * to make yourself look good.

In orbit : Watching someone’s Instagram stories or liking their tweets or generally staying in their “orbit” after a breakup.

Paper cut: When someone sporadically pops up to remind you of their existence, to keep you from moving forward completely.

Preface: Pre-cheat – lay the groundwork and test the waters for cheating, sending flirty messages or dating a crush for the job.

Prowl: Being hot and cold when it comes to expressing romantic interest.

Bombardment R: Not responding to your messages but reading them all, so you see the “delivered” and “read” signs and you feel like throwing your phone across the room.

Scrooge: Throwing someone out right before Christmas so they don’t have to buy them a present.

Shading: Posing with a sexy friend in all of your dating apps photos knowing that people will assume you are the attractive person and be too polite to ask.

Shaving: Feeling deeply confused as to whether you are really attracted to a person or if they just have nice facial hair.

Sneating:When you go on dates just for a free meal.

Storage : Hiding someone you’re dating from friends, family, and social media.

Submarine : When someone ghosts then suddenly comes back and acts like nothing has happened.

V-delivery:When someone you were dating reappears just around Valentine’s Day, usually out of loneliness and desperation.

You turn : Fall head over heels in love with someone, only to suddenly change your mind and dive in.

Zombie: Ghosting then back from the dead. Different from the submarine because at least one zombie will recognize its distance.

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