The Caligula Effect 2 gets a release date and new gameplay trailer


NIS America has unveiled an all-new gameplay trailer for The Caligula 2 effect, and with that comes an appropriate release date for the game. This time around, you’ll find yourself navigating the surreal expanses of Redo, where you’ll need to find an advantage and gain an advantage in combat. Which you’ll do with features like Imaginary Chain and Salvage Space, as you mount resistance against virtuadoll Regret and her deadly forces! All you can see in the awesome new trailer we have for you below. Enjoy the trailer below as the game will officially release on October 19, 2021 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The Caligula 2 effect is slated for release in October, courtesy of NIS America.

A virtuadoll named Regret created the world of Redo in order to save people from their past regrets by unknowingly imprisoning them in a simulation. However, that “paradise” is shaken when a virtual idol named χ breaks into Regret’s virtual reality and restores a real-world high school student’s memories. In order to escape Redo, they re-establish the Go-Home Club, a resistance group that seeks to fight Regret and its executors, the Obbligato Musicians.

  • Welcome to Tatefushi Academy: Meet the new faces of the Go-Home Club, whose memories are awakened by the virtuadoll,. Recruit other students to help you, challenge the virtuadoll, Regret and his musicians Obbligato, and escape the fake world of Redo!
  • Small Group Battles: Use the Imaginary Chain to predict your enemies’ moves and craft the perfect strategy, and use calculated techniques to gain a tactical advantage in battle.
  • An unforgettable paradise: Masterfully crafted story scenarios by Persona writer Tadashi Satomi and director Takuya Yamanaka unite with a thrilling vocaloid-inspired soundtrack, making Redo’s world a memorable visual and audio experience.
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