The Block: Tanya and Vito were caught trying to get a free laundry facility

Tanya and Vito backed off after trying to make Foreman Keith forget, claiming their innocence when confronted with their alleged “cheating”.

Controversial Block stars Tanya and Vito received a huge bill after trying to sneak a freebie right under Foreman Keith’s nose.

The couple were seen going back in Thursday’s episode after whispering to producers that they grabbed a free Kinsman laundry facility despite missing last week’s deadline.

It was nemesis Georgia who understood the shrewd act after noticing Kinsman’s installers leaving their To block site, passing them on to Foreman Keith to make sure they were charged.

In a cruel twist for the rule pair, the laundry bill they had tried to dodge left them in dire financial straits.

On Wednesday evening, Tanya had bragged about the return of installers to the “just for us” site, after the remaining crews rushed to do their laundry during Living and Dining Week.

She thanked Kinsman while telling the producers how awesome it was that they “didn’t have to pay.”

“I had planned to pay for the installation… I totally understand that it wouldn’t be fair,” Keith was heard the next day.

Digging the knife for the other teams, Life and Food Week marked Tanya and Vito’s first victory – with Scott Cam thinking that if they had installed their laundry like everyone else, it might have been. – to be a different story.

“Why didn’t you do as I told you?” You were the only house that didn’t do it last week, ”he asked during his visit, to which Tanya replied that they“ didn’t have enough time ”.

Shelley Craft – who has previously argued with the couple – said everyone has managed to make theirs while providing a completed living and dining area.

“Now you are devastated with a bill that’s going to fall out of your budget,” she stressed, while Scotty added, “If you had been doing laundry during the week, would you have won? This is what the others have said.

The reason the challenges were initially reversed was due to the production schedule scandal and the involvement of Tanya and Vito.

“If I wasn’t there, would anyone know?” Georgia wondered about the team’s latest “cheating” attempt, with her husband accusing them of “trying to pull a swift”.

“Swiftie” or not, as Scott Cam pointed out, with the laundry bill and other unpaid bills, Tanya and Vito only have a few hundred dollars left in their budget and a lot of work to finish.

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