The Block 2021: Scott Cam Gives All Star Teams Additional Kitchen Renovation

It’s cooking week on The block and you’d be right to expect five new kitchens to be in the works – just this year there are six.

Scott Cam has dragged the All Star teams Ronnie and Georgia and Mitch and Mark off the venue only to reveal they have another big project to tackle this week.

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He explained that they would work together to create an additional kitchen for a very good cause.

The kitchen is in a nearby school called the Tombolo Academy. The academy is a specialized school for gifted children with disabilities.

Catherine, Erin and Frankie explained what they want in the new kitchen. (Nine)

Co-founder Catherine explained that it is the only school in Australia that welcomes twice exceptional students.

“These are kids who have a disability like ADHD or dyslexia, but they also have an IQ or a talent that is off the planet,” Catherine said.

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“We would like the children to have the opportunity to learn to work in a functional kitchen. In a cafe environment, but also to have a cool place to relax,” she added.

Catherine shared her vision with the two To block teams for the currently dilapidated and nearly empty kitchen.

The Block 2021 Kitchen Week Tombolo Academy
The All Star teams have been called in to work on an additional project during Cooking Week. (Nine)

Two of the students, Erin and Frankie, explained that they would like a coffee maker and microwave in the kitchen, saying they’re ready to cut cold lunches.

Mitch and Georgia quickly began the design, while Mark and Ronnie got down to work on the demolition. While teams only have a budget of $ 2,000, they get a lot of extra support from sponsors.

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The teams are planning a full kitchen on the back wall complemented by an island bench with seating. They will also add a bench seat under the window with an abundance of cafe seating throughout the room.

The Block 2021 Kitchen Week Tombolo Academy
Georgia and Mitch planned the cooking together. (Nine)

We’re excited to see what the teams are able to produce for Tombolo Academy. Stay tuned for the reveal.

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