Streets of Rage 4’s Mr. X Nightmare release date announced


Dotemu revealed this week when we will see the Mr. X Nightmare DLC be available for streets of rage 4. We now know that this new DLC will launch on July 15 for $ 8 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, GOG, and the Windows Store. Additionally, a new physical version of the game with this content included on the cartridge is also now available for pre-order through Merge Games, and will launch on September 28. We have the full rundown of DLC content along with the latest trailer for you here.

Credit: Dotemu

The fight continues in Wood Oak City! After the events of streets of rage 4, our heroes wanted to prepare for future threats. Axel, Blaze, and their comrades will begin a very special deranged training with the help of Dr. Zan, who has built an AI program from the remnants of Mister X’s brain that simulates all types of dangers they might face. Streets Of Rage 4: Mr. X Nightmare DLC adds three new playable characters and a special Survival game mode later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. A separate free update arrives with the DLC on all platforms with additional content. Mr. X Nightmare features new animated original music by Tee Lopes, a composer and arranger previously featured in Sonic Mania, League of Legends and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, among other titles.

Each completed level provides two random perks to choose from, granting stacking bonuses to empower fighters in unique and devastating ways until they are defeated. Braving Survival Assaults also permanently unlock new moves for use in any of the Streets of Rage 4, allowing players to customize the move lists of their favorite characters. Progress unlocks devastating new weapons in Survival mode and an inbound training mode, as well as gallery content. The mode rankings also keep track of the community’s well-contested races; Who will be the best fighter in Wood Oak City? Mr. X Nightmare combines the above with playable debuts by Estel Aguirre, fully realized playable versions of Max Thunder and Shiva, and original music by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania, League of Legends). A separate free update adding an in-depth training system, color scheme options, devilish New Mania + difficulty, plus a host of improvements and balance changes responding to feedback from Streets of Rage 4passionate community of, also arrives on July 15th.

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