“Shouldn’t the video game industry and Hollywood be blamed…for helping to create these killers” – Chicago Tribune

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The earliest would be best

Many kids today grow up playing horribly violent video games and are educated about types of guns as they can often select weapons of their choice in their online roleplaying game. Hollywood movies glorify guns, while people who get paid to pretend they’re someone else – “movie stars” – lament the harms of guns when not working. Our children are desensitized to using guns to kill people at an early age. Shouldn’t the video game industry and Hollywood be blamed and held accountable for helping to create these killers, just as some blame the NRA, the weapon itself, and the weapon manufacturers? Ban gun violence in video games. Prohibit gun violence in “entertainment”. The earliest would be best.

Homeless by choice

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I agree that we must stop supporting these drug addicts who beg on the street corner. These are ungrateful pigs that ransack our city. If they are homeless, it is by choice. They are young and perfectly fit for work, but choose drugs instead. Unfortunately, not everyone reads the TOTC, so they don’t hear us telling them not to give them money. So maybe we should stand on the corner with our signs saying, “Don’t support the lazy drug addicts on this corner because they make more money than you do.

Shame on you

This is in response to the “They’re coming after us” comment: Shame on you for the false misinformation. The IRS doesn’t go after those of us who make less than 400,000 a year. Although, personally, I think anyone earning over 200,000 should be part of their audits. Of course, if you are honest and truly do not fail in your civic duty to our country and our society by paying taxes like all of us, you will have nothing to worry about. Remember that paying your taxes is good for society. It’s what pays our veterans, Medicare, Social Security, local entities and those sworn to protect and serve, etc. Shame on those of you who misrepresent or mislead, especially when you fail to provide detailed evidence to back up your statements. . It’s just your wrong thinking. Shame on you.

Fan that hot air

Heat trapped in vehicles and anywhere needs an outlet. When entering a vehicle, leave the door open until you can open a window or the sunroof. Cool air from the air conditioning must enter the car. Ventilate this warm air by letting it out through an open window.

read the bible

To all pro-choicers who believe in abortion, I suggest you read the life-defending Bible. By the way, you pro-choice people are alive today because your mothers believed that life was a gift from God.

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