Shibani Kashyap: “People don’t want to talk about the fact that a woman is a composer”


Singer-songwriter Shibani Kashyap said that even after 20 years in the industry, people didn’t want to talk about her as a songwriter, adding that they were uncomfortable with the idea of ​​a woman. composer.

Speaking to Hindustan Times in an exclusive conversation, Shibani Kashyap spoke about being a singer-songwriter in the Indian music industry. She made her Bollywood debut with the popular Waisa Bhi Hota Hai part II number Sajna Aa Bhi Jaa, which she wrote, composed and sang.

She said, “As a songwriter, it’s been a tough journey. Even to this day, people are not ready to accept (me as a composer). Even a presenter introduced me as a singer. They know full well that I wrote, composed and created the song. If I could be credited with creating it, that would be the best for me.

“People know I have the copyright, but they don’t want to talk about the fact that a woman is a songwriter as well. It was extremely difficult that way,” she added.

Sharing his take on how film music and independent music scenes have changed over the years, Shibani said, “Film music has opened up to a variety of singers – there is not just one or two voices (singers) ruling everything. There is a wide variety of singers singing in the movies now. That said, the melody continues to be the king. Not in 2020 or 2021, but in 2019 ( because there haven’t been many movie releases since the March 2020 pandemic outbreak), the best music was in Kabir Singh. Bekhayali and Tujhe Kitna Chahne Laga still dominate the charts because of the melody. Most movies these days only have remixes. Aankh Mare, Laila Mai Laila … whatever. There is no generation of original music, and this is my grouse. Indian music has gone developed and created very international sounds, without a doubt. But you have to insist on the melody. “

The Jogiya star also said that she believes Indian sung reality shows provide a great platform for talent to be recognized, but she doesn’t agree with all the melodrama presented. “Shows like Indian Idol already have a very refined talent. I was shocked when I was on Sa Re Ga Ma (panel). I was shocked to see these kids singing so well. who was better than the other. They did it. no need for training, just (needed) the platform and some advice, “she said.

She added, “The shows get too melodramatic and I don’t attribute that. Bathroom Singer (2007 reality show that had Shibani Kashyap as the judge) was real and natural. It was about raw singers, flourishing. of a real artist. Here on these shows they have these stories (of the contestants) and there’s a lot of melodrama and crying happening in the shows. “

She also said that the shows may have been made at the request of the public. “Maybe that’s what the viewer is looking for. I don’t know what happened first, the confusion for me is like ‘who came first, the egg or the chicken?’ Maybe the shows are designed after extensive research into what viewers are looking for. Maybe they (viewers) are looking for this melodrama. I agree, (the goal (of reality shows) sung) goes from that (art) to those tactics. I don’t relate to (all of that). But then the TRPs go up, why? “

She added, “When Sa Re Ga Ma started (in 1995) there was so much reality. The reality of these reality shows disappeared. These shows could have been advice, maybe music advice on the way budding singers can improve their singing but it is’ aap kaha se hain, maa baap. kis gareebi se aaye (where are you from, who are your parents, how poor are you) ? “

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Speaking about her own reality TV show, Bathroom Singer, Shibani claimed that she was “of a different kind, not mainstream or mundane.” “We chose singers who were not trained, not inclined to sing professionally. Bappi Lahiri and Ravi Kishan judged this with myself. When we started to mentor and prepare them, they transformed and it was was like a transformation from chalk to cheese., it was one of the best reality shows India has done. We trained raw talent and they become performers. And then we start judging. In six months. . We also had a house where they were all stationed and we had trainers, yoga and dance teachers to groom them. “


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