Season 5 Episode 5 “Insecure” Recap: “Survive, Okay?” “



Survive, okay ?!

Season 5

Episode 5

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5 stars

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After Issa’s big night out with Nathan last week, we kick off this episode with Molly finally having her own date with a faceless connection, not least because she’s sitting on it. When they are no longer in the act, Molly (Yvonne Orji) checks her phone and receives many missed calls from her family.

Molly’s father, aunt and brothers nervously await news from the hospital doctor. When he approaches, he tells them that there is nothing more he can do for his mother Carol (L. Scott Caldwell) and that they should all say their goodbyes. It comes out of nowhere and the family is understandably upset. But when they enter the hospital room, the woman on the ventilator is… not Carol. At first, the doctor tries to comfort them by saying that strokes can really age someone, but Molly, still in her gorgeous and revealing evening gown, steps in to tell him that the woman in the room is a stranger. When they turn to exit the room, they are greeted by a family of black lookalikes. It’s embarassing.

Eventually, they get to Carol, but she is unconscious. Molly’s dad, David (Gregg Daniel), is too upset to speak to the nurse, so once again Molly takes matters into her own hands. She follows the nurse as she leaves the room and asks to be included in any contact regarding her mother’s condition. After the last few weeks of trying to get her parents to plan their estates, she seems ready to take on the responsibility of making decisions about her mother’s care and lightening the burden on her father.

Across town, Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) brings coffee to Issa (Issa Rae) in bed at his house after their night together. They synchronize the schedules of the day and realize that they’re both free, except for Issa’s lunch reservations with Molly. When she calls to cancel to spend the day with Nathan, she discovers the emergency in the hospital.

Despite his protest, Nathan takes Issa to meet Molly at the hospital and agrees to be available when she needs him. Molly updates Issa on her mother’s condition and tells her that she is trying to help her family keep everything together. Like a good friend, Issa asks Molly what she needs, and they decide to quickly go to Molly’s apartment to change clothes.

In the meantime, they exchange their outfits in the bathroom. Issa is feeling herself in Molly’s gorgeous black dress, and they have a needed brief moment of levity as they tease each other. But then Molly tells Issa that she appreciates her support during the difficult day she’s going through, and they heartily exchange I Love Yous. While I wish we had seen more of the journey it took to get them back to the right place, it’s a nice reminder that these two have been through so much together and their relationship is deep, strong and tried. in combat.

In the car with Nathan, Issa tells him that fear of Carol’s health prompted her to call her own mother and leave her a message. He admits to having done the same. Then they go to Molly’s. As Issa chooses clothes to take back to the hospital, Nathan points out that Molly’s dog, Flavor Flav, needs food and a walk. Issa is indifferent but agrees to take him out.

Back in the hospital cafeteria, Molly discovers that her parents have never settled their affairs. But just as she’s about to protest, she gets a call from work. Taurean (Leonard Robinson) tries to sync up on a project they are both working on for the partners. While Molly had called earlier to take a day personal, the message clearly had not been delivered. But instead of telling her what’s really going on, Molly insists she will have her work ready before the deadline.

As Issa and Nathan take Flavor Flav for her walk, her mom Lila (Wendy Raquel Robinson) returns her call to FaceTime and thanks her for the love message she left him. Then she uses the excuse of spending more time together to engage him in a Bible book club. Noticing Issa’s stares offscreen, she deduces that Issa has company, hires Nathan on the call, and immediately asks if he’s Issa’s boyfriend. Excellent mom vibes all around. Issa, of course, is mortified, but she seems appeased when Nathan replies that yes, he is.

In the absence of Lila’s sting, Nathan confirms he’s happy to be her boyfriend, and he doesn’t plan too soon. Issa apologizes for her mother and says that she thinks Lila must have disagreed with the boyfriend because she has been “everywhere”. Nathan gives a knowing look that she surprises. She asks for an explanation, but he gently dodges as Flavor Flav drops his leash and runs away!

At the hospital, Molly plays a misguided game of Web-MD from the back. The nurse tells her that they do not yet have the information they need to decide on treatment. She adds that the procedure Molly requested is not an option because Carol has had a previous stroke. This is the second time in the episode that she has been given crucial information about her parents’ well-being at the last minute. David admits that they decided not to tell the kids because they didn’t want them to worry, but Molly is understandably upset. She thinks it’s her job to take care of her mom and dad, but can’t if she doesn’t have all the information.

The rest of the family are away when the doctor returns, but Molly takes the time to take stock anyway: Carol may be paralyzed. When the family returns from their coffee run, Molly breaks the news. But, in particular, she chooses to announce the news instead of the doctor. Despite her frustration with the way her parents handled their worries as they got older, she does the same thing: carry it all on her own shoulders.

Just as Issa and Nathan have exhausted their search for Flavor Flav, the fearless pup is coming back on its own. Filled with relief, Issa thanks Nathan for his patience with her, telling him that’s why she loves him. The moment strikes with a moan. She clearly hadn’t intended to say those words at the time. But as she waits for him to reciprocate, Nathan simply kisses her. Ouch on the bikes!

When Issa returns to Molly at the hospital, Molly complains that she hasn’t done more for her mother. She said all Carol wanted was to see her get married and have children. Issa tells her that there is nothing more she could have done and that Molly should be proud of her life and that she is doing a good job with her “extremely intelligent” dog. She tells Molly these things are out of their control anyway and promises that Molly will “always be.” [be] in its loop. As heavy as the moment is, it’s a good reminder to hold close to those you love. As the series wraps up the first half of its final season, we set the stage for the importance of identifying and cherishing the people who are of value to us.

After their conversation, Issa gets up to get Molly some coffee, and in the hallway, she sees none other than Condola and baby Eli… and Lawrence. They meet their eyes for a moment before Issa leaves, clearly shaken. Lawrence seems to be equally taken aback. This is, after all, the first time they’ve seen each other since their split over a year ago, and it’s fair to say these aren’t ideal circumstances. We don’t know what comes next.

• “But do you know who this woman looks like?” I thought of Stevie’s mom. Do you remember Stevie? With the nodules in the throat? – Aunt Kiki

• “Sorry for your upcoming loss.” – Curtis Carter

• “She has a weak immune system. He says it’s because his mother only fed his Trix yogurt when she was growing up. – Issa

• “Hey, what are you doing? Read a book without reading your ass? “- Issa

• “Wait, did you fuck in there?” Because I fucked in there! —Issa

• “Wow! You look like a model!” “Sorry, she’s high.” —Patient / Prescription

• “Damn, Molly looks like her mom!” “Yeah, they have the same ankles. “- Nathan / Issa

• “Well, he’s a house dog, he knows what to do. “- Issa

• “This is a Christian series. They say it takes a while to get in, but once they get to the gates! That’s when it really starts. – Lila

• “I see I see. You have a beautiful smile. You all Steph Curry with it! – Lila

• “Uh, uh, I can’t post this. Look at my eyebrows. – Issa


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