Seahawks use Microsoft teams for pre-game meeting with cancer survivors ahead of crucial capture game

Cheryl was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer in August 2020. Throughout her life she has been vigilant about her health – she has had early exams and precautionary screenings as breast cancer is rampant in her. family. Her form of ovarian cancer was detected early through a process of elimination, where medical professionals looked at a completely separate test.

Fortunately, Cheryl’s cancer could be treated with chemotherapy and, as she explained, “treatment leads to survival.” With stage three cancer, Cheryl underwent intensive chemotherapy after her initial diagnosis. Her cancer being chronic, she recently started another round of treatments at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, while remaining upbeat and positive. She attributes her state of mind to her husband, family and supportive friends.

“It’s so important to have these first tests,” Cheryl said. “So important. It’s a lifeline. It saved my life.

“My treatment this time, I hate to use the word … child’s play. But compared to the first line treatment, this is the ultimate treatment. It works against the disease, while maintaining the best quality of life. . “

For Cheryl, who has been a Seahawks fan since our first season in 1976, it was especially cool to combine football with the bigger message about early detection and treatment of cancer. His family has been a subscriber for decades.

“I know how active (the Seahawks) are in the community, especially with people with health issues,” Cheryl said. “Not just adults, but especially kids. Being able to get them to stop and visit (via video call) brings people together just because I’m one of those people now.”

As Cheryl and the squad waited for the current players to visit the call, everyone got a special surprise when Seahawks legend Luke Willson joined his home. Willson, who still resides in Washington, answered all kinds of random questions, from his favorite cereal to his best Super Bowl memories. He spent nearly an hour on the call, and fans had a perfect view of his flowing hair thanks to Microsoft Teams.

The Seahawks and Microsoft began hosting Pregame Huddles last season when the 12 were unable to attend games due to COVID-19, and they will continue for three more home games in 2021. Fans attending the event will still be related to the match, similar to this week’s Crucial Catch game or the Salute to Service game.

“I was honored to be invited,” Cheryl said. “I was in treatment when they asked me if I would be interested and I just started crying. I was just honored to be invited to something so personal in my hometown. “

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