Saints erase footage of Cam Jordan calling Bill Belichick a cheater

Cam Jordan had a hot opinion of Bill Belichick, one so hot the Saints deleted it from their official team site.

Bill Belichick will be tagged with many things whenever his NFL legacy is discussed. He is widely regarded as the greatest football coach to ever live and orchestrated perhaps the most powerful dynasty in NFL history.

He’s also a cheater, depending on who you ask for superlatives.

The Patriots and the many controversies they’ve been involved in when it comes to bending the rules to the point of breaking are as much a part of their history as the six Super Bowl titles. From the original ‘Spygate’ to the ‘Deflategate’, Belichick’s legacy in football is hardly clean.

At this point, it’s pretty awkward to make accusations of cheating at Belichick. It never went so far as to stop the mighty momentum of the Patriots, and it didn’t sully the dynasty’s good name or its place in NFL history. That hasn’t stopped players from returning to the well to drop those charges at any time.

New Orleans Saints defensive star Cam Jordan is the latest player to land on Take a Cliche, Lieave a Cliche.

Ahead of this weekend’s battle between the Saints and the Patriots, Jordan gave a very straightforward answer to a question about Belichick’s training style, stopping directly calling him a cheater but stepping up to the point. to that line and examining it.

“He is a top coach who will clearly do anything to win,” Jordan said noted at a press conference. “Take it as you want. “

You had to be there to hear the commentary because before the video was posted on the team’s website, the Saints cleared Jordan’s quasi-accusation.

Here is the video of the press conference that the Saints published after Jordan is on the podium, and his comment on Belichick is missing. The Patriots beat writer Mark Daniels has proven the comment to be documented, but that he does not appear in the video of Jordan’s press conference being suspect.

Then again, maybe the Saints are unwilling to hit the hornets’ nest with potential bulletin board material before a game against the Patriots.

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