Reviews on Nooie Cam 360

Even a security camera with the widest viewing angles can’t see everything in a room, but the Nooie Cam 360 can, thanks to its motorized base.

With full rotation, this camera can take a 360 degree view horizontally. It will even follow people as they move around a room.

This type of movement usually costs a lot more, so it’s good to see the option of a budget smart security camera.

The competition: The best smart home security cameras

Thrown in the option of cloud or SD card recording, and decent Full HD video, and could this be the ultimate budget camera and a real rival to the likes of the TP-Link Kasa Spot KC105 or the Eufy Indoor Cam 2k Pan and Tilt.

Read our full Nooie Cam 360 review to find out.

Nooie Cam 360: Design

Paint it yellow and glue a few arms to it, and the curved Nooie Cam 360 could be a Minion.

As far as security cameras go, this one is pretty nice. It comes with a base stand that you can sit on a shelf, but you can also screw it to the ceiling if you prefer a more permanent installation.

Although this is a budget camera, this model is pretty well made and there is good attention to detail including the USB power cable which sits neatly in the socket and is the same. color than the bottom half of the camera.

This camera can be rotated 355 degrees on its base which, combined with the 101 degree field of view, gives you full 360 degree coverage. There is also a vertical movement of 94 degrees.

This all adds up to the fact that you don’t need to position the Nooie Cam 360 particularly carefully, as it can have its lens redirected in the app.

Before plugging in the camera for the first time, you might want to install a microSD card so that you can store recordings locally and avoid paying cloud storage fees.

The card slot is located under the lens, so you may need to rotate it up.

Reviews on Nooie Cam 360

Nooie Cam 360: Specifications

You control and configure the camera using the app. It is simple to connect this camera to Wi-Fi. Once in your home network, you can see the live stream from the app.

Rather than a static field of view, you can drag your finger around the image to move the camera to where you want to point it.

It’s a bit slow to move, but the camera is quite easy to point at the area of ​​interest. It’s pretty cool to be able to look around a room and see what’s going on from any angle.

You get all the basic features here, with options to record a video or take a snapshot or have a two-way conversation with anyone you can see. I found the speaker and microphone here more than enough to have a clear conversation.

Reviews on Nooie Cam 360

Since it is a security camera, motion detection and recording is very important. This is where things start to go wrong.

In favor of the Nooie Cam 360, you can activate an activity zone and set the camera to follow movement.

Both work well, with the camera moving precisely to follow movements detected in a room.

The video is a bit choppy on movement, but the overall result is that you can capture more of a moving action than with a camera that has a fixed field of view.

Reviews on Nooie Cam 360

However, there is no home position for the camera that it will automatically revert to. If a motion event ends with the camera pointing away from the main area you want to monitor, you may miss future events.

The lack of a home position also means that activity zones are a bit unnecessary: ​​when the Nooie Cam 360 moves, the activity zone does the same.

These omissions are quite forgetful but common: the EZViz C8C outdoor camera also does not have a home position.

There is little control other than activity zones to reduce the number of alerts you receive, with the app only offering a motion sensitivity slider.

Reviews on Nooie Cam 360

With motion detection on the most sensitive setting, I got a lot of alerts so I moved the slider down.

You can schedule when you want motion detection to be active, but there are no dynamic controls, such as geotagging, to automatically control the camera.

Audible alerts can be enabled, where the camera will tell you when it hears a loud noise. This is not a particularly precise feature, and I found that it generated too many alerts.

When an event is triggered (by motion or sound), a clip is automatically saved to the microSD card. These then appear in the library section of the app, which offers a lousy timeline that’s laborious to navigate.

Trying to find a particular clip is really difficult, and the app doesn’t offer a direct download option, although you can “save” clips to your phone.

Reviews on Nooie Cam 360

All of this means that it is usually much easier to remove the memory card, stick it in a computer, and remove the clips manually.

There’s the option of cloud recording, which costs $ 1 per month for seven-day history, or $ 3 per month for 30-day history per device, with discounts for purchasing annual plans.

It’s actually pretty competitive, even compared to the Nest Cam 2021.

Nooie Cam 360: video quality

There is a Full HD 1080p sensor inside the Nooie Cam 360. The results are quite good, but certainly not the best in its class.

During the day, video is generally well exposed but the compression appears high, with detail lost in the image.

At night, the camera films in black and white, illuminating a room with its IR LEDs. Compression is always an issue and the night image is much smoother than the daytime images.

That said, considering the price, the pictures aren’t too bad at all – they’re good and clear enough to understand what’s going on in your home.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are both supported, allowing you to view the basic live stream (but not move the camera) on a compatible smart screen.

Considering its low price, the Nooie Cam 360 has more features than you might reasonably expect, including a 360-degree view of a room. Its motion tracking technology also works great, so you often capture more of one event than with a static camera. It’s the finer details that let it down a bit: without a home position, you can’t guarantee where the camera will end up pointing. Managing records through the tedious interface is also very tedious.

  • Full 360 degree rotation
  • Can follow the movement automatically
  • SD or cloud recording
  • No home position
  • Difficult to download clips
  • Tedious application

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