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Abode Business is a DIY security system solution with an enterprise security offering designed primarily for small and medium businesses. It includes a variety of useful business features, such as remotes and assigned PINs, arming and disarming history, and a variety of sensors and cameras at reasonable rates.

This Abode business review takes an in-depth look at pricing, business features, and alternative solutions in the market. You’ll also want to check out our roundup of best security systems for businesses for more reviews and comparisons.

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Abode has a good commercial offer with an impressive material (Image credit: Adobe)

Business Residence: Packages and prices

Abode offers modular and DIY security solutions without a contract. Shipping is included, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a one-year parts warranty. Your primary costs with Abode can be broken down into an upfront hardware cost (funding available) and an optional ongoing subscription. Abode also offers refurbished starter kits and is backed by a price guarantee.

You have the choice between two central hubs to manage the security of your company: Abode Gateway or Abode iota. Abode iota includes a built-in camera and motion detector which is WiFi enabled so that it can be placed anywhere. Iota is a good solution for small areas with a single access point, such as a very small storefront.

However, most companies will want to opt for Gateway in combination with other sensors and cameras, as it offers a more comprehensive and extensive security system.

Abode offers everything your average SMB will need to stay secure:

Product Cost
Abode Cam 2 Wi-Fi, two-way voice, indoor and outdoor, person detection and 24/7 recorded video available as an add-on. $ 34.99
Door / window sensor Battery life up to 4 years $ 38.00
Acoustic glass break detector $ 59.00
Motion sensor $ 55.00
Water leak sensor $ 69.00
Smoke sensor $ 58.00
Multisensor Includes motion, light, temperature and humidity readings $ 60.00
Arm / Disarm the keypad $ 99.00
Key ring $ 40.00

Like many DIY security products, Abode is available with self-monitoring or professional monitoring. Self-monitoring is available for free through the app, although a standard plan (20c / day or around $ 6 / month) adds support for live and recorded video, video storage, timeline. , home / business automation, in-app panic alarms and person detection.

The Pro plan (66c / day; about $ 20 / month) includes professional 24/7 monitoring, cellular backup, plus discounts on shipping and home insurance.

Standard Pro
24/7 professional surveillance
Cellular backup
Unlimited cameras with live and recorded video, video storage, timeline and person detection
Home automation / home automation
Panic alarms integrated into the application

Abode Business: Sensors and cameras

As mentioned above, Abode offers a wide range of sensors and cameras. The Abode Cam 2 stands out as one of the cheapest indoor-outdoor cameras on the market. It supports WiFi connectivity, two-way voice communication, color low-light vision, people detection (US only, requires standard or professional plan) and 24/7 recorded video (available as an add-on). It’s also fully weatherproof, so you can place it outside of any building.

You can choose to receive alerts with motion detection and – this is a nice feature – define “activity zones” directly from the app to determine where in the frame the detected movement should trigger notification and recording. From the app, you can view recordings for a specific day or time period, including a library of clips and a 10-day review.

Abode Camera Cam 2

Abode cameras can be placed indoors or outdoors (Image credit: Adobe)

The multi-sensor is another sensor that stands out. For just $ 60 ($ 45.99 at time of writing), it packs motion, light, temperature, and humidity detection and has a four-year replaceable battery. Humidity and temperature detection is particularly useful for storing sensitive materials, such as chemicals or foodstuffs. With a thermostat connected, the multisensor can automatically adjust the temperature to maintain the right environment for sensitive storage needs.

Abode's multisensor

Multisensor detects motion, light, temperature and humidity (Image credit: Adobe)

Finally, Abode is compatible with a wide variety of smart devices and protocols, including Apple HomeKit, Yale locks (for rudimentary access control), Amazon, Z-wave, ZigBee, and IFTTT for automation (e.g. example, to turn off all your lights when you set the alarm to save on your company’s electricity bill).

Home-based business: Installation

Abode was designed for DIY installation, so all of the items are relatively easy to install and connect. Most sensors adhere to surfaces. The camera could be a bit easier to set up – it requires a power cord, so you’ll need to plan a path for it and ideally staple or secure it to any surface you’re working with. It’s not much of a compromise, but many alternative cameras come with long-lasting, replaceable batteries and work over WiFi and cellular, making them easier to place.

That said, busy business owners may find it worth investing in Abode’s professional installation starting at $ 99.

Abode Business: Application and interface

The Abode app lets you control your security system: you can arm and disarm, lock and unlock doors, and view recent activity and notifications (such as an open door, motion detected, or someone disarming the system). It is available on iOS, Android, and desktop browsers.

In addition, you can create and name up to 40 PIN codes for employees who can then arm and disarm the entire system. Abode keypads also support remote access. However, like alternatives like SimpliSafe and Lively, remote controls have buttons to arm and disarm the entire system but cannot be used for location-specific access control (to a desk or storage space, for example). In addition, it is not possible to define individual authorizations for employees; any person invited to the application or having received a keypad code or a key fob has full access to the security system.

The app allows you to receive notifications on your phone when an alarm is triggered or based on specific events, such as arming or disarming the system. If an alarm is triggered, you can click the notification to see a live view of your store, restaurant, or office space. The video is also recorded, so that it can be presented to the authorities later.

Finally, Abode gives you the option to group all your sensors, cameras and smart devices into custom groups, by room, for example, or even by location. Although the app has not been optimized for multi-location businesses like, for example, SimpliSafe Property Management Dashboard, it would certainly be possible to easily manage multiple security systems through these groups.

IOS Residence app

The Abode app lets you control your corporate security system from anywhere (Image credit: Adobe)

Home-based business: assistance

Abode support is available through two channels. First of all, there is a comprehensive library with DIY guides for installing, configuring, and using your Abode security system. We found them easy to understand, and there were answers for just about anything we thought we needed to know. For further assistance, you can also contact Abode by email or phone (no live chat, however).

Alternatives to the home business

Large companies or those with more complex or industry-specific security needs would do well to check ADT. It offers a variety of business-oriented elements and services, including true fob-activated access control, robust user and group permissions, and a decent cybersecurity offering.

Read our full ADT review.

For mid-sized businesses looking for a DIY solution that offers good support for multiple sites, SimpliSafe is a good alternative. The previously mentioned property management dashboard allows you to monitor system states and access to multiple locations, arm and disarm them remotely, see the health and status of individual items, and more Again.

Read our full SimpliSafe review.

Final verdict

Abode Business provides security for DIY businesses at a reasonable price. It is distinguished by innovations in cameras and sensors. The app is easy to use and has good business features, although more granular user support for employees would be welcome. The large number of integrations makes automation easy.

Overall, this is a budget-friendly enterprise security solution with impressive hardware that is well suited for small businesses.

If you are looking for a security system for your business, check out our guide to best business security systems.

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