Pigs are boosted by specialists

The University of Arkansas had one of their best special teams games in several years in Saturday’s 45-3 win over Arkansas-Pine Bluff at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.

The special teams’ efforts were highlighted by Nathan Parodi’s 80-yard punt return touchdown in the second quarter.

In addition, kickoff man Vito Calvaruso had eight touchdowns in eight attempts, kicker Reid Bauer averaged 47.3 yards on three kicks and Cam Little had his only down attempt, a goal for 31 yards in the second quarter, and went 6 for 6 on PAT.

Calvaruso improved his touchback percentage to 86.3%.

Several Razorbacks had big blocks on the big comeback, on which Parodi grabbed the 20, started on the left near the UAPB sideline, then cut through the field and came to the sideline. from Razorback to UAPB 12 to complete the game.

LaDarrius Bishop had a good block early in the comeback and Jashaud Stewart had the most critical. Stewart showed good lateral movement by reversing the court on the Arkansas 36, sprinting past Parodi and shooting a pancake block on Torrence Bardell after a long engagement around the Hogs 40.

Defensive back Nick Turner did a good job late in the comeback by knocking out a defender and not shooting a block in the back call on punter Josh Sanchez, whose desperate jump managed to slide the back of the Parodi’s cleat towards the 6 before he rushes into the end zone.

Parodi made 3 returns for 114 yards and even had a 33-yard return wiped out by a penalty.

Coach Sam Pittman said special teams coordinator Scott Fountain noticed a differential between suspension time and distance on UAPB punters that could give Arkansas a chance to come back for one of the first times this season.

Deep touch

Quarterback KJ Jefferson’s strong passing efficiency figures were illustrated by Saturday’s effort. The best second-year spreads came on deep passes over 15 yards, on which he landed 4 of 6 for 112 yards with at least one fall.

Jefferson delivered deep touchdowns covering 18 yards to Blake Kern, 29 yards to Ketron Jackson Jr. and 39 yards to Treylon Burks. He also hit a 26-yard strike against De’Vion Warren in the second quarter. His 18-yard touchdown pass to Burks went into the books as a mid-shot because Burks covered the final yards before diving through the goal line while keeping his knee clear of the turf.

Youth choice

Safeties Myles Slusher and Malik Chavis each scored their first career collegiate interception against the Golden Lions and each had questionable returns after their picks.

Slusher put the brakes on a UAPB scoring opportunity in the second half when the Golden Lions flooded the area on the left side of the end zone with a slam from the 3-yard line. Quarterback Skyler Perry rolled to his left looking for an open man under pressure from linebacker Grant Morgan and made a pitch that Slusher had an inside position on Dae’eion Dawkins.

Slusher recklessly took the ball out of the end zone with the Golden Lions all around and was almost tackled at the 2-yard line before falling to 11. Razorbacks corner Montaric Brown was penalized for a personal foul and the Hogs were forced to start. all alone 5.

Chavis threw a deep throw from Xzavier Vaughn at Arkansas 8 early in the third quarter and appeared to send him back 79 yards at the Golden Lions 13-yard line. However, Dawkins slipped Chavis’ legs right after the interception and the safety’s knee briefly touched as he maintained his balance and built up a head of vapor.

Chavis told Pittman his knee likely hit the Arkansas 13-yard line and the replay confirmed that, resulting in a 74-yard differential in field position.

Linebacker Bumper Pool recognized the contributions of the youngsters.

“These are two guys who are going to be stallions for the University of Arkansas who came out to play today,” Pool said. “I loved seeing Slush get his pick. Same thing with Malik. I love seeing guys like that succeed because they work so hard.”

Pittman said Slusher was a ball of nerves before making his first start of the season last week in place of Jalen Catalon against Auburn, and that the young defensive backs settled in on Saturday.

“I think the more playing time they have the better off they will be,” Pittman said. “I was so happy that Chavis got his interception.”

Ketron collects

Wide receiver Ketron Jackson Jr. bought up a lot of playing time as a true freshman, based on his speed, skills and physique as a tackle, and he received an award on Saturday.

Jackson had two catches for 15 yards before the game, and he nearly doubled that number on one play late in the second quarter.

Jackson ran a road after UAPB 29’s first down and got a step over cornerback Nathan Seward. KJ Jefferson had a completely clean pocket to work with and spiraled down to Jackson right at the goal line for his first touchdown as a Razorback.

“Jackson with just too much speed gets some separation and KJ was able to put him up there,” said Deuce McAllister, SEC Network announcer.

“I was excited for Ketron,” Jefferson said. “He came wide open. I didn’t expect him to be so wide open. I was just trying to give him an easy ball he could catch. Ketron had a great week. He was fine. prepared, did a few reps with some. … That touch put his confidence through the roof. “

Key blocks

Treylon Burks was one of the kindest Razorbacks in recent memory with its general reluctance to brag and strong emphasis on uplifting others.

He took a throw sweep transfer around the right end to open up Arkansas’ second possession and flaunted his sprinter’s speed by hitting the sideline and completing a 49-yard streak for a touchdown.

But he knew exactly who had gotten to work to help him out.

“The O line is blocked,” Burks said. “There were some really good boulders outside of [wideout] Warren Thompson and [tight end] Hudson Henri. They gave me a way, and I just touched it. “

Injury update

Coach Sam Pittman said Saturday’s injuries were minimal, with the Razorbacks heading for a much-needed open date.

Defensive tackle John Ridgeway, who suffers from a sore knee, saw his playing time shortened due to the problem.

Reserve keeper Zach Zimos, who wore the No.32 shirt instead of the No.20, appeared to suffer a leg / ankle injury in the second half and had to leave the game.

Warren is amazing

Senior winger De’Vion Warren had his best game of the season against the Golden Lions with three receptions for 51 yards.

Warren had back-to-back 13- and 12-yard catches, then added a 5-yard rush on a first-quarter practice that ended on Cam Little’s 31-yard basket.

On a three-play touchdown in the second quarter, all on explosive plays, Warren provided the second big play, a 26-yard catch from KJ Jefferson to UAPB 29. Ketron Jackson Jr. caught a touchdown pass. on the play that followed for a 38-0 lead.

Thompson’s trials

Quarterback KJ Jefferson had encouraging words for wide Warren Thompson, who had a few drops on Saturday,

“I feel like we did everything right,” Jefferson said of Thompson’s first close touchdown. “It just didn’t bounce our way back then. I said, ‘Hey, I’m not going to lose faith in you. Just keep playing ball. Another opportunity will present itself, just keep playing ball. Try to keep a head level and don’t put yourself down. ‘”

Numbers game

Arkansas coach Sam Pittman wasn’t sure how much stock to put in the Razorbacks’ 3-0 second-half deficit, as well as a 91-78 deficit in total distance.

“Here’s what I’m going to say,” Pittman said when asked what he did in the second half. “When a kid sees himself on tape and all that ‘Well I’m as good as anybody and I should be doing that.’

“OK, you have half the football, let’s see what it looks like. And if it sounds like what you said, then we’ll give you a few more reps. If it sounds like we ‘I said, then we We need to improve. Our team understands that too and they will. “

Statistics Chat

The Razorbacks enter their week off with these statistic positions on offense: No.18 in the FBS in total offense (465.2 yards per game), No.6 in rushing (249.0), No.79 in assists ( 216.2), # 19 in passing efficiency (158.76) and # 34 in scoring (32.8).

On the other side of the ball, the Hogs are No.34 in total defense (334.5), No.92 against the run (167.0), No.8 against the pass (167.5), No.12 in passing defense efficiency (112.9). ) and No. 54 in scoring defense (23.5).

Players of the week


WR Treylon Burks

Warren’s junior showed up before heading home for a few days. Burks racked up 145 total yards – 89 receiving and 56 rushing – and scored on half of his six touches, on catches of 18 and 39 yards and a rush of 49 yards.


BY Zach Williams

The Little Rock native has had one of his best games in front of a large crowd of family and friends. Williams had 5 tackles, the team’s second-highest total behind Bumper Pool’s 8, including a 7-yard sack, and lost 1.5 tackles.

Treylon Burks

Zach williams

Zach williams

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