Passion Java drives Mugabe in a music video

Son of former President Robert Mugabe, Robert Junior has sparked a social media storm after starring in Roki’s recently released gospel music video titled Ndinouya.

Mugabe, who is widely seen as an introvert unlike his younger brother Chatunga, surprised many with his appearance on the Passion Java track which also includes Kadjah.

He appears wearing a brown outfit accessorized with a wristwatch on each hand and a Cuban chain necklace.

The development drew mixed reactions as those who held Mugabe with more respect – than appearing alongside a controversial cleric in music videos – trashed it.

“It looks like Chatunga will carry Mugabe’s legacy after all. Uyu Robert jnr zvatoramba”, Facebook user Anesu Jenah Mashambanhaka wrote

“Of all things, Robert has decided to replace DJ Towers 🌝. Youth without concentration, your father must be turning in his grave”, Roseta Nyoni said

But another section blamed people for comparing him to his late father and watching his lifestyle.

“Vanhu munobatokana nezvinhu zvenhando Robert is just living his life and he is not his father so let him be…Enjoy hako Robert iwe and please appear on more videos,” wrote Trapper Cyd.

“Akafamba nemabody gaurd, nemazimota moti arikudya mari yedu. Try to be normal and behave like a 30 year old man having fun mumabhawa with motuka futi girls. Do you want him to walk around in costume like his father and always in church. Let the man do what he wants with his life nxaaa. Have fun Gushungo,” wrote Therese makes

“Chonenetsa moda vanhu vararame zvamoda imimi what do you take yei ipapa isn’t he human enough to be in Rokis vds 🙄🙄 let man have fun with vanhu mune drama”, Tanaka Chatyoka added.

Robert Junior made headlines again last week after attending a ZANU PF rally in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza. Many found the move surprising, given how his father was ousted from power by the incumbent.

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