‘Nerves of steel’: Boeing 777 pilot shares cockpit view as it lands during Storm Eunice

As the strong winds of Storm Eunice battered the UK, thousands took to a YouTube channel to watch the pilots land at Heathrow Airport. Now, equally stunning footage from inside a cockpit is going viral.

With people advised to stay home during the storm, more than 2,00,000 listening to Big Jet TV Friday to see the incredible skills of the pilots maneuvering in difficult weather. One moment that stood out was the landing of a Boeing 777.

Eagerly, viewers watched as the world’s largest twin-engine aircraft tried to hold its own while heading for the runway. Now Captain Khalifa Al-Thani, who was piloting the Qatar plane, has shared an inside view.

Al Thani demonstrated what he needed to do for the flight to land safely, juxtaposed against the view from the ground. “Storm Eunice Landing – Many thanks to ‘Big Jet TV’ for today’s awesome coverage and exterior footage,” he wrote while sharing the video on Instagram.

While both sights seemed quite intense, coupled with the sound of the strong wind, the pilot seemed visibly calm and his composure stunned everything online.

Storm Eunice, which brought winds to over 100mph, sent a streak of destruction across the UK. With trees uprooted and homes destroyed, experts believe it could be the worst Britain has seen in three decades. The storm’s toll hit 9 on Saturday.

The white domed roof of the O2 arena is wind damaged as a red weather warning was issued due to Storm Eunice, London. (Source: Reuters)

A red weather warning was first issued in London, where the severe storm was seen ripping off part of the O2 Arena’s iconic roof, leaving the sheet that covers the venue to blow in the wind.

While most flights were cancelled, there were still a few that attempted to land safely amid the storm.

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