Moment of huge explosion in El Paso, Texas captured by Ring Doorbell camera after massive explosion at construction site in Mexico

This is the moment a huge explosion in El Paso, Texas was captured by a Ring Doorbell camera after a massive explosion at a construction site in Mexico.

Ring Doorbell footage captured the moment an explosion was heard and felt by residents of El Paso on the morning of December 30, 2021.


Images of the explosion were shared on YouTube
Residents of eastern El Paso and the lower valley heard and felt the blast, reports say


Residents of eastern El Paso and the lower valley heard and felt the blast, reports sayCredit: Getty

The loud sound was captured in a four second video and shared on Youtube, where he has since obtained over 6,000 views.

Thursday’s explosion – which was felt and heard by residents of the east and lower El Paso Valley – took place at a construction site in Mexico, according to The Jaurez newspaper. The newspaper reported, according to KVIA.

According to the report, the explosion took place near a location where a construction crew was working with explosives.

Workers were working to extract materials on a hill along the Camino Real when the explosion occurred.

And about 20 neighboring homes were damaged after the incident, Mexican officials said.

No serious injuries or deaths were reported.

First responders began receiving calls regarding the mysterious boom around 2 p.m. local time.

At the time of the explosion, many residents of the neighborhood reported that it “looked like an earthquake”.

The noise was also heard and felt in the nearby town of Socorro, according to a city ​​representative.

It also puzzled police and firefighters in El Paso, as no agency was immediately able to say the cause of the noise.

“The El Paso Police Department has received reports of a strong boom or explosion. As of yet, there has been no confirmation of a location or reasoning and the Department of El Paso police are still reviewing the situation, ”the police department said in a Tweet.

The big boom echoed in El Paso, the Lower Valley, Socorro, Horizon City and other points in East El Paso County, according to the local news station. KTSM.

“We have several calls reporting a strong boom and several units are investigating all of the locations the callers reported,” Enrique Dueñas-Aguilar of the El Paso Fire Department told the US Sun.

“However, we haven’t found anything yet. It’s also a possibility that it happened across the border. We’re still checking.”

Meanwhile, people reacted to the explosion on social media, with a person interviewing if it was a sonic boom of military planes.

Someone else posted: “Anyone else felt a big boom or a shaking house right now? I’m in eastern El Paso.”

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