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Lena Dunham’s new husband has never watched “Girls”.

The 35-year-old actress and writer married Luis Felber this weekend after dating for several months, and the musician admitted he was too busy “living in the present day.” [and] in the future “to see his famous TV series when it first airs, but he plans to watch it someday because he appreciates the” impact “the series has had on people’s lives.

When asked if he had heard of Lena or seen her work before they got together, he replied, “No. Mum was a fan of ‘Girls.’ I remember when I was in. toured in my twenties my mom and sister watched this show but i never watched it.

“I do not have [seen it now]. But I watched his current stuff. I watched ‘Industry’ when we first started dating, and recorded their next movie, ‘Sharp Stick’, which will be released next year. It’s a very beautiful film.

“When you are an artist, you live in the present, in the future. You are looking for the next thing. Looking back is something that we really shouldn’t be doing too much, to be able to move forward with ease.

“But I’ll watch ‘Girls’ someday, to answer your question. I can see what impact it has had on people.

“I was having lunch with some old school friends and my friend’s sister was really excited about Lena. I asked, ‘How did’ the girls’ make you feel? She said, “I feel like it gave me a voice,” and it’s amazing. What a beautiful thing to hear about your partner. “

The English-Peruvian singer – known professionally as Attawalpa – admitted there had been “a lot of times” he knew he wanted to marry Lena.

He told the New York Times: “There have been a lot of moments, there are a lot of moments and there will be a lot of moments. rest of your life with in an instant.

“Time is fluid and when you know, you know. I love my wife, who is also my best friend.”

And Luis – who met Lena on a blind date – loves living with his wife.

He exclaimed, “It’s great, we’ve been living together for about four months now. We both work a lot, and every morning is a blessing. And every night being able to go to bed with your best friend and have a chat – we have a hard time falling asleep at a decent hour It is seldom eight.

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