Julio Torres is Hollywood’s busiest Oddball

One of the main storylines of season two of Los Espookys concerns the re-election campaign of a notoriously awful and misogynistic president who spreads misinformation and may have been sexually inappropriate with a former beauty pageant queen. Without being presumptuous, is it safe to assume that this character is a Trump analogue?

I mean, I don’t think so deliberately then. But subconsciously, yes. The fact is that these models of rude men in power [abusing that power] are repeated country by country, by country, by country. But there’s always been something about Trump that felt like, oh, he really does, like, “a developing nation, but in the United States.” he really introduces the horrible tyrant stuff of developing countries. So, it’s like, obviously, Trump is on our minds a lot, but a lot of other people are too. Plus, American influence is something we’ve seen so often in Latin America – and Miss Kim Petras is there to make sure the right person gets elected!

The more I watch your comedy – whatever standing specialsthis show or your SNL sketch – plus I feel like I can still identify “a Julio Torres joke.” Your sense of humor is so distinct, and I think so many gags this season scream ‘you.’ For example, the whole joke about the girl who can’t believe there’s both an “l” and a “double l” in the Spanish alphabet, for example. I can’t imagine anyone else coming up with this.

Yeah, I like people who get then clinging to something then little. I like this. I like people who can’t let anything go and live unexamined lives and don’t dig deeper.

Right. Do you think there is a certain type or style of joke that you are drawn to?

I think anything that’s very introspective, anything that’s about someone being fair then tunnel vision of something. I like having whole people. I think the [more] realized they are, the funnier something is.

At the end of the first season, your character leaves her fiancé at the altar, going against her parents’ wishes and leaving behind her fortune in the process. Now, entering season two, Andrés is trying to adjust to the “real world” and finds things are more difficult than expected. And over the course of the season, he’s forced to face some uncomfortable truths about the type of person he might be. What are some of the overriding themes you wanted to explore through Andrés’ story this season?

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