Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet give their marriage a second chance

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet may not be done with their relationship. According to new reports, Momoa recently returned to Bonnet.

Bonet and Momoa at the 77th Golden Globe Awards.

According to a source who spoke to hollywood life, Momoa got back together with Bonet about two weeks ago, and while the two have kept things private, they’re back together. “They decided to work on things rather than throw in the towel because they’ve invested so much in each other,” the source explained. their children, Lola14, and Nakoa-Wolf, 13, would be delighted with the decision of their parents. “Everyone is really hoping they can make it work this time around.”

On January 12, Momoa announced the split via his social media, sharing a statement written by the two. “We have all felt the pressure and the changes of these transformative times…A revolution is unfolding~ and our family is no exception…feeling and growing from the seismic shifts that are occurring,” they shared. “And so ~ We are sharing our family news ~ That we are separating in marriage. We are sharing this not because we think it is newsworthy ~ But so that ~ as we go about our lives, we may do so with dignity and honesty. The love between us continues, evolving in the way it wishes to be known and experienced. We release each other ~ to be who we are learning to become… Our unwavering devotion to this sacred life and to our children. Teach our children. What is possible ~ Live the Prayer. May Love Prevail ✨ J&L,” the two concluded.

World Premiere of Apple TV+ ©GettyImages
Momoa and Bonet at the premiere of “See”.

Momoa and Bonet have been together for years, with their first relationship dating back to the early 2000s, when the two were introduced by a mutual friend. Despite their long relationship, the two tied the knot in 2017. Yet their romance goes deeper, with Momoa revealing on ‘The Late Late Show’ that he had a crush on Bonet when he was 8 and he loved her. first seen on “The Late Late Show”. Cosby show.

“Since I was 8 and saw her on TV, I’ve been like, ‘Mom, I want this one,'” Momoa said. “I’m like, I’m gonna hunt you down for the rest of my life and I’m gonna get you.”

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