In his new podcast, Marlo Thomas gets candid about relationships

What makes a soul mate, a life partner, an ideal marriage? Oscar wilde said it so well.

“You don’t like someone for their looks, their clothes or their luxury car,” said the poet and playwright. “But because they are singing a song that only you can hear.”

In his new podcast, Double Date, Marlo thomas with husband Phil donahue having enlightening conversations with guest couples as they delve into the proverbial songs that unite them deeply.

Thomas, actress-writer-activist and Donahue, talk show pioneer and journalist have teamed up with Pushkin Industries to chat with famous couples about the joys, struggles and complexities of marriage and all that it entails. Married for four decades, Thomas and Donahue visit the homes of long-time married couples for in-depth discussions about love and all the pieces that connect them or add to their struggles.

The guest list, including Viola Davis and Julius Tennon, John McEnroe and Patty smyth, Neil patrick harris and David Burtka, President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, Michael j fox and Tracy pollan, George Stephanopoulos and Ali Wentworth, John and Justine Leguizamo, Rob reiner and Michèle the singer, Kelly ripa and Marc Consuelos and more.

Recently, Thomas and Donahue had a particularly revealing and candid conversation with the guests. Marie Steenburgen and Ted Danson, who have been married since 1995. In this “double date”, Danson and Steenburgen, who met during the filming of the film Pontiac Moon shared their vulnerabilities and fears of opening their hearts to each other.

Danson had already been married twice when he met Steenburgen. “By the time we met, I was convinced that I was incapable of having a relationship that I wouldn’t ruin,” said Danson, who was completely in love with her from the start.

Steenburgen, who had just ended a bad relationship before meeting Danson, was afraid of making a bad choice. She was trying to reconcile what her head was telling her and what her heart was telling her.

“Your brain may say … ‘I have to get away’ … but my feet went towards it … and I can only assume that was the voice of my soul,” Steenburgen said, convinced she was not good at relationships. “My brain was not that simple.” When Thomas asked Danson how he was optimistic about getting married a third time, he said he had found a way to stop “lying” so much about “everything”.

The couple also shared that their bond is unique because even from the start they let their guard down, told the truth about everything and agreed not to hide. “I had never had secrets, I had been full of secrets. And it made us feel alone in life, ”Steenburgen said. Danson added, “When we are in love and listening, communicative and laughing – when we are the way we are most of the time – it is truly divine. It’s heaven on earth.

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