I gave my first date an allergic reaction which almost killed him and he lost an internal organ

A LOT of effort tends to go into a first date, and blowing off a potential mate’s socks is often a priority.

But it didn’t work out very well for an unlucky bachelor who cooked a romantic meal for his date – causing him to have an allergic reaction and now he’s organ failure.


Woman named Lauren shared her apology online after nearly killing her dateCredit: twitter / @ laurenpattison

It sounds like something out of a wacky romantic comedy, but it’s just another day in the dating life for the woman named Lauren who shared the ordeal online.

“So how’s the date Lauren? Absolutely classy, ​​thank you,” she quipped in a caption on Twitter.

She continued, “Not only did I almost kill a man, but I am now responsible for the loss of an internal organ. Amazing work.”


The unlucky woman (and in the kitchen) also shared her hilarious attempt to apologize to the poor soul who she says ended up with appendicitis.

In a heartfelt handwritten card addressed to her date, she wrote: “Sorry I made you a paella which caused an allergic reaction which led to appendicitis and now you have an internal organ breakdown. I tied to steal your heart but alas I stole your appendix. My bad one. “

Singing with: “Get well soon your absolute shrimp.”

She later revealed that her date was allergic to shrimp, which neither of them were aware of.

But luckily, “he’s not crazy” – in fact, they both thought it was extremely funny.

Responding to a comment on Twitter, she said, “He didn’t know he was allergic! We made this beautiful discovery together on my bathroom floor for about 16 hours hahaha.”

The Twitter post caught the attention of many, with users finding the unfortunate incident amusing.

One of them joked: “On the positive side, it was the less important organ. Not a big problem like the heart or the spleen. Hope that helps …”

And another said, “I mean, what if you did that and he didn’t dump you? Result.”

“It sounds like the plot of a romantic comedy. Both of you will realize that what’s important isn’t the internal organs – it’s the other,” wrote another.

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She cooked him a good meal without knowing he was allergic to shrimp


She cooked him a good meal without knowing he was allergic to shrimp
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