High-speed 18-wheeler truck smashes car in Punjab; terrifying accident caught on cam

A loaded truck that lost its balance crushed a car and killed three family members in Behram area, Punjab, Nawanshahr district. The scary accident was caught on video and went viral on the internet.


First published September 13, 2022, 4:35 PM IST

In a shocking incident, a loaded truck crushed a car and killed three family members. Behram area, Punjab, Nawanshahr district witnessed the tragic accident on Tuesday. While turning right onto Paghwara-Banga trunk road, a loaded truck from the other lane lost control in Behram area of ​​Nawanshahr district.

In footage, the 18-wheeler can be seen accelerating out of control before flipping onto its side and crushing a car below that was coming from the opposite side. As it overturned, the loaded truck destroyed the car below. The accident killed three family members, including mother, father and son, who were traveling by car on the Paghwara-Banga national road in Behram region. Apart from this, another vehicle also suffered damage in this accident. Fortunately, the commuters inside this car narrowly escaped.

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It is quite evident in the CCTV video that the sharpness taken by the high-speed tractor-trailer forced the vehicle to flip on its side and slide on the highway.

After getting information about the incident, the Punjab Police visited the scene and started an investigation. Police have also reportedly filed a complaint against Major Singh, the driver of the trailer, for causing death due to careless and negligent driving. However, he said he escaped after the accident.

Twitter user Harish Deshmukh shared this video on the microblogging site with details of the incident in the caption.

After being posted online, the video went viral on various social media platforms. Social media users were shocked to witness the dramatic crash. Netizens also voiced their opinions in the comments section. One user wrote, “It was such an out of control calamity. The too huge size of the truck vis-à-vis the turning point was too responsible. See the video.

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Last updated September 13, 2022 at 4:35 PM IST

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