High Court sets date for ED’s legitimacy challenge

The High Court will deliver on 21st September 2022, hear Zanu PF youth leader Sybeth Musengezi challenge the legitimacy of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Musengezi, who is represented by Mbizo, Muchadehama and Makoni Legal Practitioners, filed a petition in the High Court challenging the constitutionality of a 2017 central committee meeting that resulted in the resignation of the late President Robert Mugabe and the taking office of Mnangagwa.

In his arguments, Musengezi claims that Mnangagwa obtained the post of First Secretary of Zanu PF without following proper procedures and therefore his elevation to the post was unconstitutional.

He has previously expressed frustration that the High Court is delaying hearing his case citing political interference from the ruling party.

However, he confirmed they had agreed to have the case heard before High Court presiding judge Mary Dube on September 21 when they met at the High Court on Monday.

Our lawyers visited the High Court last week on Friday for a meeting and we were also invited with our lawyers on Monday which is when we were given the 21stst September 2022,” Musengezi said in an interview with 263Chat.

On Twitter, Musengezi said his urgent chamber request to stop the Zanu PF congress scheduled for October is why there is movement over his challenge to legitimacy.

“Thanks to this urgent motion from the chamber to halt the ZANU PF Congress pending the finalization of the legitimacy issue. Now our Mnangagwa legitimacy case is set for September 21 for a hearing before the HC Presiding Judge, Judge Mary Dube We pray for justice,” Musengezi said.

Zanu PF said Mnangagwa had presidential immunity. The ruling party also said Musengezi could not challenge Mnangagwa’s legitimacy since he was a “bogus” party member.

Mnangagwa’s lawyers also pressured Musengezi to drop the case in the High Court, with some Zanu PF activists promising to take unspecified action against him.

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