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Fortnite developer Epic Games is teasing a major new update for Battle Royale.

Despite rumors that Fortnite update 17.20 has been delayed until July 13, Epic appears to be planning to introduce new features as soon as possible.

A post on the official Epic Games Twitter page warns that players must be on high alert to invade alien troops.

“Attention Saucers, this one is a doozy!” reads an official tweet from Epic. “I just intercepted an OI call indicating that extraterrestrial ground troops have started to mobilize west. The Islanders should be on high alert.”

Interestingly, as you can see in the HYPEX tweet below, Epic has released alternative teasers in other territories.

One of the images suggests that Epic will add a brand new underground POI to the map. The underground location features a huge UFO buried under the rubble.

As HYPEX points out, Epic may plan to release a content update on July 6, to make up for the lack of a major new upload. Express Online will keep this story up to date with any new development.

Elsewhere, it has been confirmed that Epic is preparing to release a new LeBron James skin, which will be part of the Icon series.

The LeBron James skin would launch with a selection of new challenges, as well as a special Golden Slider.

With a new update coming in, below you can see a selection of the first patch notes and the main issues investigated.

Fortnite update 17.20 patch notes …

Battle Royale …

• The button for Arena / Tournament split details is currently unresponsive on the controller.

– We are aware that the button for Arena / Tournament division details is currently unresponsive on the controller. We are working on a fix for this issue.

• The “Hold inventory button” shortcut to access the crafting menu does not work.

– The “Maintain Inventory” shortcut for the crafting menu simply leads to the inventory menu instead of the crafting menu.


• The player may encounter an infinite loading screen when leaving the island.

– We are investigating an issue that causes players to experience an infinite loading screen when leaving the island.

Save the world…

• Saurian Stamina perk stops working after respawn

– The Saurian Vigor perk (restores health every 5 seconds) would stop working after a player respawns.

General issues under investigation …

• Xbox players leave the party when they return to the lobby.

– Xbox players can be excluded from their party when they return to the lobby. (Please note that affected players are not restricted from reuniting with the party.)

• New items automatically equipped after being picked up.

– Newly collected items will be automatically equipped under certain circumstances.

• Unable to run Last Forever Emote.

– Players may not be able to run the Last Forever emote after selecting it.

• Difficulty scrolling through the list of players in the Voice Chat tab on the controller.

– Controlled players may have difficulty scrolling through the list of players in the Voice Chat tab if the list of players is long.

• Xbox players may not be able to re-subscribe to Fortnite Crew.

– Xbox players may not be able to re-subscribe to Fortnite Crew due to outstanding account balances. The UI can take gamers in a loop and will need to be addressed through the Xbox Account Management website.

Battle Royale Issues Under Investigation …

• Epic chests may sometimes not drop weapons in the arena.

– We are aware that sometimes players can search the arena for an Epic Chest and not receive any weapons. We are investigating the problem.

• Unable to fish inside certain vehicles.

– We are aware of an issue preventing players from using a fishing rod while in the passenger seat of a motorboat or in the dumpster of an OG Bear truck.

• Accessories drive vehicles erratically.

– Driving a vehicle while disguised as an accessory causes erratic driving of the vehicle.

• Cannot open Cosmic Chest if a player leaves the team.

– If a player leaves the team during a match, the team will not be able to open a Cosmic Chest during the match.

• “Bars” showing as 0 in the Lobby when the game opens.

– When the game opens, the player bar total will appear as 0 in the lobby. This problem is only visual: players still have all their bars.

• Cosmic Chest timers can remain on screen if a bounty is poached.

– Players can continue to see the Cosmic Chest timer at 0:00 if they have an active bounty that is poached by an enemy player while they are opening the chest.

• Fire temporarily disabled in Battle Lab.

– To resolve a stability issue, fire has been temporarily disabled in Battle Lab.

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