Donkey Common Park skate campaign receives £3,500 from police commissioner

Cambridge skaters celebrate after police and crime commissioner Darryl Preston awarded them £3,500 for their aim to renovate a city center skate park.

The commissioner presented the award to Cam Skate from its Youth Fund which was created to help young people make positive choices rather than get involved in crime.

The existing skate park at Donkey Common is over 20 years old and needs updating to ensure the equipment is safe and secure for youngsters learning to skate. Cam Skate have raised money to improve the park and organizers believe they will need around £70,000 to complete the refurbishment.

Police and crime commissioner Darryl Preston has donated £3,500 from his Youth Fund to improving the skate park on Donkey Common, seen here with James Moulang. Photo: Keith Hepell. (59069928)

James Moulang, director of Cam Skate, said: “The refurbishment of Donkey Common will provide a safe and central community space where young people in Cambridge can enjoy sports.

“Skating is a positive outlet for young people that builds confidence, resilience and benefits mental and physical health.

“If young people skate, they are less likely to engage in criminal and anti-social behavior. We are all very grateful to Darryl as this Youth Fund award will go a long way in making our dream a reality.

“We also think it will give the project a boost because people can see it is taken seriously by the police and the crime commissioner, so it must be worth it.”

Mr Preston said: “These outdoor facilities are a great way for youngsters to stay active in a safe environment. It’s great to see young people like those behind Cam Skate coming together to improve these amenities.

“It’s important that we give these opportunities to young people because it builds their confidence, keeps them out of trouble and, in some circumstances, has inspired careers in professional sport.”

County-based voluntary and community organizations working with young people aged between five and 18, or up to 25 for those with special educational needs or disabilities are invited to bid up to £3,500.

The funding was made possible through what is known as “proceeds of crime”.

Anyone wishing to make an offer for funding is invited to visit the Commissioner’s website at

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