Discussion Camp: Florida High Seminoles

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) – Every fall you can bet for sure that the Florida High soccer team will play late in the season, but what always eludes them is winning that last game.

“I think our program has certainly established itself to the point where we know what it takes, but it’s our job to go out there and make sure we do that,” the head coach said. Jarrod Hickman.

There’s no denying that Florida High knows what it takes to make it to the big game, now they want to win it.

“They want to earn the right to play for a state title,” Hickman said. “We definitely did it two years ago. We were undefeated last year, we didn’t finish where we wanted to. They absolutely want to finish, but know it’s a long marathon, not a sprint. “

A marathon that is a challenge.
“I think that is going to make us really, really ready for the playoffs because I think we have a really tough schedule this year,” said senior Jordan Gilley.

Rendezvous with the traditional powers of Godby, Madison County, Wakulla and Trinity Christian await you. There are no days off to come.

“We’ve been talking about all of this off season about what we’re going to do, about how we’re going to do better,” said Gilley. “I think we’re really ready. These guys are training hard. We’re ready.”

“They want to be challenged,” Hickman added. “They want to understand that we want to be ready for the opportunity if we win it on the road so that we don’t get caught off guard because we know the types of teams we see in the playoffs.”

The Seminoles are certainly planning to make the playoffs.

“Again, these guys have been in almost ten playoff games in their careers,” Hickman said. “They get what it takes. It’s a great group. I’m excited about it. We just need to stay healthy and keep improving as the year goes on.”

Hickman says that while they have lost some key players, they have five senior offensive linemen, a quarterback to Tre Donaldson and a backup quarterback to Drew Faurot, to lead the way. The Seminoles open the regular season on August 27 at home against Godby.

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