Dash cam catches driver going through a red light and almost hitting a cyclist in Solihull

A dash cam captured the heartbreaking moment a driver turned on a red light and nearly collided with a cyclist crossing at Solihull.

Images were taken from a dash cam inside a car that had just stopped at the traffic lights leaving the Land Rover site at the junction of Lode Lane opposite Rodney Road.

About six seconds after the light turns red, a car approaches from the left side without slowing down and crosses the red light – just as a cyclist exits the curb to cross.

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The rider can be seen quickly deviating from the path and narrowly avoiding the green car.

At the same time, the driver comes to a sudden stop before continuing at the red light and turning left onto the main road.

The cyclist can be seen walking away, apparently unharmed.

The video clip was shot at 2:35 p.m. on Thursday, July 22 and was shared with police via a Twitter post.

A West Midlands Police spokesperson said he had no record of the reported incident, but said someone contacted the Twitter user to ask him to report via the online force reporting tool.

They said the video would then be investigated.

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