‘Cute’ contestant steals viewers’ hearts after harsh rejection from ITV dating show Romeo and Duet

Fans have been furious after a ‘handsome’ boy was rudely rejected by a ‘judging’ contestant on music dating show Romeo and Duet. Student Zainab decided against opting for Rowan despite an ’emotional performance’ which earned him a standing ovation from the audience.

When Oti Mabuse asked her what she thought of Rowan and if he was “cute”, Zainab replied, “I won’t say anything”, adding “It just wasn’t there for me”, which left Rowan and the audience speechless. . Zainab ultimately decided on Birmingham-based Rory but said as they prepared for the duet he was “not really my type”.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their support for Rowan (and Rory) after the stark rejections. @bethanyjfinchxo said: “Rowan seemed like the kindest soul, and he was so respectful to her even though she was so critical of him, it’s actually so embarrassing for her. Really brings out the type of person that she is, better off without her tbf #romeo and duo.”

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@LouisLemon_ said: “I felt bad for Rowan #romeoandduet, there was no need for her to be rude like that. Probably think she was edgy and cool but no mate, you got it kind of felt like a tyrant.”

@DavidMackayy wrote: “Rowan if you’re reading this you deserve better than that bad cow you’re handsome and a fab singer #romeoandduet.” @strictlystan20 said: “Omg I can’t get over this girl’s rudeness!! Rory is so cute, no need for the sullen face #romeoandduet.”

@Nicholstix sarcastically joked, “Wow the chemistry between Zainab and Rory was intense…farther apart and they would have dueted in separate studios! #romeoandduet.”

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