Club Space’s 420 Yoga offers a mindful alternative to Miami nightlife

The class itself takes into account the hot climate and modified participants, going through a slower progression of poses, focusing on mindful movement and breathing. As Levy leads the room and checks in on the casual attendees, a few other instructors demonstrate the progression of the poses on raised platforms. Some yogis choose to participate while they practice, although most focus on the moment.

Levy first discovered the power of combining yoga and cannabis following a car accident while in college, using the two as tools to help heal. She developed a personal relationship with the plant and the practice after witnessing the impact they had on her quality of life. Over the next few years, after visiting and enjoying the underground music scene at Club Space, she was invited to share her passions and lead a yoga class. She held her first yoga class for 420 people in 2016 with just 20 friends in attendance.

This intimate gathering evolved into a major 300-person event over the next six years, with the central space packed to capacity before the clock struck four.

“When you walk in, there’s an immediate sense of community,” says Levy. “People are already setting their intentions.”

In a place where status and symbols of wealth can take center stage, 420 Yoga is an escape from the superficial facade of everyday life, providing a welcoming and down-to-earth environment for the diverse crowd of attendees. Clothing is varied; carefully selected outfits and typical designer brands of the city are rare here. Anything that supports movement and comfort is worn, and each yogi has a remarkably different sense of style.

Levy plans to expand this series into a larger-scale community, with plans to host the inaugural 420SpaceYoga festival next year.

More than any growth, however, Levy hopes to maintain the intangible magic they seem to have unleashed.

“It also brought out a lot of people who wouldn’t usually go out at night, more introverted people,” Levy says. “I see people making friends, and that was my goal.”

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