Can you build a better and healthier relationship with the Couply app?

You’ve probably heard of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, but did you know there are tons of awesome relationship apps out there? While apps certainly can’t magically make all your problems go away, they can bring you closer to your partner and add passion to your relationship.

Read on to learn more about the Couply app and how it can strengthen your relationship bond.

What is the Couply app?

Couply is one of the best relationship apps for couples. The app is basic but includes various aspects including quizzes, questions, articles, games, courses and much more. It only takes a few minutes a day and you can find out more about your partner and possibly talk about things you’ve never discussed before.

One of the reasons Couply is so great is that it personalizes your experience based on the answers you and your partner give. So, what are the main features of the Couply app and why should you download it?

To download: Coupled for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

1. Questions

Often it can feel intimidating to ask your partner a specific question or discuss a specific topic. However, Couply takes away the fear by generating quick and enlightening daily questions that cover a selection of topics. These daily questions can help you learn more about each other and spark interesting discussions.

Some questions are fun, for example, who would be the best exotic dancer, or would you live on Mars? On the other hand, some questions are more serious and relate to topics such as finances and moving in together.

2. Quiz

The Couply app quizzes are the best way to better understand your significant other and perhaps uncover unknown details about them. The app gives you the chance to take three weekly quizzes that focus on things like your conflict style, connection quality, and more.

Plus, some quizzes can reveal your love language, and some even involve the color-coded personality test created by Taylor Hartman. Plus, when you’ve completed a quiz, you can see the results for each one. It’s interesting to see how your answers compare to each other and then spark a fun conversation.

3. Games

If you want to have some light-hearted fun while covering important and challenging topics, try the Couply app games. The games feature a list of “who’s most likely to” questions that you must answer. Once you’ve both answered, you can compare your results and see what the other person thinks.

There are several editions for each game subject, for example, editions 1 and 2 of the attachment styles. New games continuously unlock after a certain number of days, so you can keep coming back to test how well you and your loved one know each other.

4. Items

You can check out many different articles on Couply. The app frequently recommends items that suit you and that you might also like. The articles can be a real eye-opener for you and your partner, as they cover topics such as text arguments and how to apologize.

Each of the articles includes a summary, an overview, and many include polls you can vote on. Do you think your significant other could benefit from reading a particular article? Forward the article to them or create a date to discuss it later.

5. Create an appointment

There are many reasons why date nights are so important to couples. They can help you and your partner communicate better, relieve stress, and just spend time together.

To make dating easier, Couply has a lovely little feature where you can schedule your own dates! Types of dates vary from activities like going to see a movie at a restaurant. Simply select a date and time, enter the details, add a location and press to safeguard to create your appointment.

6. Recordings

Another feature that makes Couply a really fun and interesting app for couples is the check-in feature. These recordings help you and your partner check in on each other and track your daily progress. There are five levels to choose from, from happy to sad, so you can easily see how your partner is feeling and communicate appropriately if someone is upset.

7. Love Notes

Plus, love notes are an adorable way to let your partner know you’re thinking of them. You can use these digital notes to share how you feel with your partner and even share how you feel with the world on social media. To send a love message, select an image, write your message and send it immediately or schedule it for later.

8. Travel | Course

If you want to go on an exploration trip with your partner, the Couply application recommends trips that take the form of internships lasting several weeks. The courses consist of quizzes, articles, date ideas and personalized ideas. Couply teams up with licensed experts to design each of the trips, meaning you can learn from the best.

Essentially, trips are an assortment of app aspects that focus on one main topic. A few of the journeys include improving long-distance relationships and maintaining your intimacy.

How does the Couply app help couples?

Couply shines among all other relationship apps because of the great features it has to offer. The app is not only packed with content, like date ideas, games, and quizzes, but it’s unobtrusive and easy to navigate with a lovely style.

Couply’s focal point is to be simple and straightforward. Sometimes all a couple needs is a little nudge, whether it’s with a fun question or a sweet love note.

Should you pay for Couply Premium?

It’s not entirely necessary to upgrade to Couply Premium, but some features are locked. You’ll do just fine using the non-paid version of the app if you’re happy with the limited features, such as Questions, Courses, and Trips.

However, if you want the full experience, it’s best to try Couply Premium. To join, you have to pay a small monthly or annual fee that covers both you and your partner.

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