Cam Newton’s frustration “opened a window” for Mac Jones

Do the Patriots Cam NewtonMac Jones the competition is heating up more than ever thanks to a failure off the field? It certainly sounds like it.

Although, if the incumbent missing a few days of practice – with years of proof of his talent already available – turned the tide, the braintrust may have had doubts about him in the first place.

Newton will miss a week of joint training ahead of the Patriots preseason final against the New York Giants. seems partly be the team’s fault. After all, they approved his trip out of town for a medical procedure, where he received offsite COVID tests that the NFL does not consider valid.

Is it the fault of the QB or the draconian policy of the league? Okay, see … if the team leader had been vaccinated against the disease that already derailed his 2020 season, that wouldn’t have happened. He would not be subject to any travel restrictions.

And so, Newton misses the final countdown to week 1, as rookie Jones, who has been efficient and impressive, is readily available.

The door to an exchange has perhaps opened somewhat.

The Patriots QB Cam Newton may have opened the door for Mac Jones.

Again, does this frustration seem partially misplaced to someone else? The Patriots let Newton go through that door. The Patriots have officially approved offsite testing. Did the Hermetic Pats really pass up one here? Would they … maybe misunderstand the rules?

If a logistical weakness like this could really set the stage for Jones to start Week 1, or take the job and run with him against the Giants, then again … it really looks like New England was leaning that way, to anyway, then looked for an excuse to implement their plan.

Asked about Newton’s predicament, Devin McCourty – who has been very pro-Newton in the recent past and pleaded for his return after a difficult 2020 – played down the situation, calling it a ‘next man’ injury scenario .

If that’s true, the “next man” had better be ready to tackle the task, a last-minute training session that begins in earnest against the Giants this week. When the other guy is nowhere to be found, it certainly becomes easier for the backup to shine – or, at least, outdo the absent man.

The Tom Brady era began with a devastating knee injury and a split second decision. Maybe the Mac Jones era will begin with a logistical nightmare that served to emphasize the team’s intuition in the first place?

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