Blur, replace and control your video background for under $ 20 with XSplit VCam

The past year and a half of work and life has shown us two important things about video chat: it’s here to stay, and no one needs to see your room. Many video chat apps have customization options for your background, but they’re not perfect. If you want something that will systematically keep your privacy unclear or replace your background entirely, you want XSplit VCam Premium. You can get lifetime access to this background replacement tool for just $ 17.40. Just use the code VIP40 at checkout during our VIP sale to save 40%.

XSplit VCam is essential if you want to have more control over what people see in your video chats. You can blur your background and keep your bedroom or office shrouded in mystery, or you can remove it altogether. The improved background removal AI does a terrific job of cutting you out of the video and putting you where you want to go. Replace your background with an image, video, webpage, or even a YouTube video. Most formal work environments want and expect you to be in control of your past, and that’s the best way to do it.


Imagine how much easier screen sharing would be when you could just make it your background and point out the things people need to see. It is also the perfect tool for streamers; you won’t have to argue with a green screen to get involved! Do you have a heart for streaming? Check out these others rad streaming accessories.

There are also a bunch of other handy little features that make XSplit definitely worth a try. Connect your mobile device and use it as a webcam using the XSplit Connect app. Don’t worry about calibrating everything yourself, as most are automatic. And if you need extra help with anything, 24/7 support and lifetime updates are included.

Take control of your video conferencing and streaming with XSplit Vcam. At present, Nerdist readers can get a lifetime subscription for $ 17.40 using code VIP40 during our VIP sale.

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