Block 2021 Episode 2 recap: ‘Rookie hour’ fails to shake the Faves and Scott Cam drops bomb with no plan

Hang on to your helmets, The block just got serious. Favorites Mitch and Mark and Ronnie and Georgia are finally here, which means the competition can officially begin.

And it certainly is, as alliances start to form early on, especially when Tanya and Kirsty go head-to-head over who should keep the furniture and decor for the House Decider challenge.

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But there is an even greater shock to our teams when it is revealed that there are no plans for the houses. It is up to applicants to design their own floor plans, while preparing to deliver a spare bedroom by the end of the week.

Before this twist catches them off guard, fans must choose their homes. One way or another, without hassle or disappointment, everyone gets what they want.

Kirsty and Jesse, as challenge winners, first pick and select House 5, the only two-story property. Josh and Luke take house 4, while Tanya and Vito choose house 3.

Fans can then decide which houses the Faves will have, supposedly to “level the playing field” for inexperienced newbies.

But it’s clear from fans’ attempt to use strategy to shake up returnees, that they have a long way to go before they reach Mitch and Mark and Ronnie, and Georgia style gameplay.

Fans are giving Ronnie and Georgia House 1 as the busy street location is likely to make the property less valuable to buyers. And thinking that Mitch and Mark never renovate with one design style in mind, they give them House 2 because of its heritage Queen Anne facade.

“Mitch and Mark will probably suffer more in house 2 because they like the very jazzy, very modern, they have a really unique style, and with some of these heritage features in this house, they might find it a little more difficult, it’s not really in their area of ​​expertise, ”says Josh.

This could be a very big mistake. First, it means the Faves are close neighbors and can strategize and share resources. Additionally, Mitch and Mark are seasoned renovators and have only done a Mid-Century Modern-style property once – during the Oslo season of The block in 2019.

“To get this house, I think it really gave us direction because of this Federation front… [renovations]. We design homes to suit property, location and demographics, ”says Mitch.

Adds Georgia, “I call it rookie time.”

“Maybe it’s a bit of them … and us,” suggests Mitch.

Ronnie and Georgie didn’t feel at a disadvantage receiving house 1 (new)

Just when the Faves thought they had the edge over the fans, host Scott Cam delivers one of the most intriguing twists yet The block has had for years. For the first time in the history of the series, there are no plans – unless you count the drawing of the children’s-style house the news was revealed in, but that wouldn’t get you very much. far.

Although the plans belong to the teams, they must build inside a floor plate as this has already been approved by the council. In this space, they should fit into any room you would expect to see in a renovated home on The block.

Everyone reacts to the news differently. Mitch and Mark are unfazed because Mark is a planning whiz and gets down to it right away, while Mitch is shopping.

Ronnie and Georgia are still a little shaken up and have different opinions on where to start. Ronnie wants to start working on the spare bedroom right away, while Georgia wants to work out the plan first and figure out where each room will go.

2021 Mitch and Mark Block Floor Plans
Mitch and Mark were surprised to find that there were no floor plans. (New)

“I was like ‘You don’t understand, you have to figure out the floor plan because it affects where the room is going to go. If you’ve just planted a coin in there now, we’re really limited to what’s going to be around it’s, “” Georgia told Ronnie.

Ronnie replies, “I understand, but we had to start.”

As for the fans, Kirsty and Jesse’s builder is everywhere and gets straight to work.

Josh and Luke, meanwhile, have set their sights on a fourth bedroom, as this will add value to buyers. This means they want to use the space provided for a garage as a fourth room in a move they suggest is a “game changer”.

While Vito is not happy that there is no countertop, he and Tanya take advantage of the three bedrooms that were previously set up in House 3 for the House Decider challenge.

These spaces will remain designated bedrooms, and they plan to work on Kirsty and Jesse’s winning challenge bedroom for their spare bedroom.

And in case you thought there was a lack of drama in this episode, don’t worry, as Tanya and Vito’s decision to keep Kirsty and Jesse’s bed out of the challenge, leads to simmering tension on the spot.

“It was an awkward conversation and I still felt bad. We kissed and everything was fine,” Tanya recalls.

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However, the problem was not completely over, with Tanya expressing her frustrations to the twins, who were already unhappy with Kirsty after reminding them that they weren’t following. To block rules during the House Decider challenge.

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“I’m done with them too. I don’t have Kirsty and Jesse anymore, I want them to leave my site. I don’t want to see them, if they’re rude they can stay on their side … Luke said to Tanya.

Once the ventilation is done, Tanya and Vito get back to work and take turns discussing their plans to use Kirsty and Jesse’s challenge room for their spare bedroom.

This piqued the interest of Faves Ronnie and Mitch, who wondered how Vito was so clean on the first day of demolition. Although the idea of ​​Tanya and Vito seems clever, Ronnie has proven once again why he is an All Star.

“You have to understand that in these 48 hour challenges the parts aren’t made to spec, they’re not made right. They’re literally right there with gum. If he reuses that and doesn’t there is no insulation, they are going to have problems, ”he warns.

There are already alliances being built and a clear difference between the strategies of Fans and Faves. And that’s only the first day.

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