Beretta Quick Chat | Officer

Frank Borelli, Editorial Director of Officer Media Group, talks to Gabriele de Plano, Vice President of Marketing and Operations of BDT—Beretta USA Corp., about the history of the family business and its legendary status as a maker of ‘fire arms. The company’s newest addition, the APX A1 encompasses the reliability and quality the APX family has become known for within the shooting communities, now with a shorter, lighter trigger, optics-ready slide red dot and improved modularity.

According to de Plano, one area of ​​improvement that will appeal to law enforcement is handle ergonomics. “We redesigned the frame of the grip making it a straight grip – we used to have a finger groove which we felt didn’t fit everyone’s hand size. So, it’s truly universal for all hands.” He says the gun is also configured for optics, including night sights and started dot optics. “As the (APX) family evolves, we will add more,” he says. “Another thing we’ve done is to standardize the dovetail cut on the M9/92X series of pistols, so other aftermarket sights with this dovetail configuration fit. So there are many different sight configurations.”

He also talked about Beretta’s American Defender program. “That’s no way to thank first responders and military personnel,” he said. “Through our LE dealer network, which offers LE pricing, we are providing these service members, officers and first responders the opportunity to visit our LE dealership, purchase select products at a discounted price and to be able to buy the APX or the 1301 or other Beretta products at a special price.

To learn more about the American Defender program, click here and visit for more information on their other products.

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