Anwar Kamaran pleads guilty to assault and threatens charges

Both assaults were videotaped which the Crown released for court.

Kamaran also admitted to posting threatening comments against shoe makers on a local media Facebook page in January.

The victim impact statements were read in court today, one by Carol Shoesmith and the other by Crown Attorney Jase Cowan on behalf of Geoff.

Carol said that after the assaults her life and her world changed.

“I was diagnosed with PTSD and high alert depression,” she said. She added that she struggles to get out, knowing that Kamaran is cleared in Walsh.

In his statement, Geoff said Kamaran threatened the family and carried out those threats and the family feared worse could happen.

“We fear that he will kill us and assault us again.”

The family are seeking a lifetime non-contact order against Kamaran.

Judge Gordon Krinke has asked the Crown and the defense to provide written submissions on sentencing next month.

The Crown will seek a nine-month sentence, two years’ probation and a five-kilometer banishment zone around the shoemaker’s business.

The defense will seek a five-month sentence and will plead against the ban zone.

The next court date has been set for August 3.

Kamaran, 45, was arrested on August 9 following the assaults on Geoff and David Shoesmith. Geoff, who was unconscious for nearly five minutes after the assault, sustained visible injuries to his face and suffered after-effects for months. David’s injuries included a black eye and bruising behind his ear.

Kamaran was on conditions of release at the time which required him not to have contact with the Shoesmith family.

The conditions were imposed following an alleged assault on Carol Shoesmith on August 8 – charges that have since been dismissed.

The assaults last summer followed months of escalating a gas war between the Shoesmiths, owners of the Trailside gas station, and Kamaran, owner of the nearby Save On gas station.

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