American sparks outrage by baking fairy bread on TikTok | Video

An American food blogger has sparked an indignant reaction from Australians after making a big mistake in her approach to fairy bread.

It’s safe to say that we Australians are pretty special when it comes to our food.

A decision by Bunnings to put the onions on the bottom, not the top, of their sizzling sausage has sparked national outrage – and doesn’t even get us started on the right butter / Vegemite ratio.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that an American food blogger’s take on fairy bread was roasted by Australians after making a major – but understandable – mistake.

@theforeignfork is an American blogger famous for cooking a nationwide meal on TikTok, where she has over 40,000 subscribers.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, @theforeignfork shared his demo of the iconic Australian dish.

“Today we are baking fairy bread, which is very popular to eat on children’s birthdays in Australia,” she said.

“It’s basically white bread, butter, nuggets or hundreds and thousands of it.”

While @theforeignfork nailed the description and ingredients of the fairy bread, Australian viewers couldn’t get past his decision to cut the crusts off the bread.

“Yeah no, we don’t cut the scabs,” wrote one Australian.

“Why the hell did you cut the crust !!!?” another commented.

“Leave your scabs! It’s your grip, so you don’t get sprayed on yourself, ”one person helpfully explained.

“Damn, cut off the handlebars, why don’t you,” said another.

But others applauded her efforts, with one describing her as the “best technique I’ve seen from an American” or even supporting her decision to go crustless.

“I am an Australian here to defend you! One person wrote. “Cutting the scabs is smart because kids don’t eat them anyway! ”

In response, @theforeignfork wrote that she had ‘watched a YouTube video (of an Australian) and told me to cut them! I’M SORRY”.

“THEN I went to a fairy bread chat room (I’m serious LOL) and people said it could go either way, so I chose to opt out.” I chose wrong, ”added @theforeignfork.

To be fair, this seems like an innocent mistake made despite @theforeignfork’s attempts to get it right – so we’re going to let the sacrilege of the Fairy Bread slide this time around.

But this isn’t the first time that an overseas rendition of Fairy Bread has sparked outrage – in 2020 Beau Coffron, known as @lunchboxdad on TikTok, shared a “tutorial” on the way of making fairy bread.

Instead of using the traditional butter spread, Beau foamed a slice of white bread in peanut butter.

Popular TikTok user included the caption “Don’t get mad at me Australians” – but, of course, that’s exactly what happened.

Most of the comments on the video included the words “crime”, “failure” and “destroyed” to describe his, um, taking fairy bread – some even said it was “so wrong.”

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