Aaron Rodgers told Justin Jefferson he was the ‘best player in the game’

After Davante Adams’ time with the Raiders, it was always going to be frustrating for Aaron Rodgers to lead an offense without a real No. 1 weapon at wide receiver. That Rodgers frustration only got worse watching Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson put on a show in Sunday’s Week 1 game.

The Vikings opened the season with a convincing 23-7 win over the Packers. And besides making Rodgers awfully ordinary, the Vikings gave the Green Bay defense a steady diet of passing Jefferson, and the Packers couldn’t do anything to stop him.

After Jefferson finished his day with nine receptions for 184 yards and two touchdowns, you could almost feel the envy of Rodgers as the two met in midfield for their postgame chat.

Rodgers told Jefferson the receiver was the best player in the game today, which was good of Rodgers, of course. But at the same time, he just watched his own receivers drop touchdown passes and go the wrong way all afternoon.

Rodgers looked miserable for much of the game, and even while complimenting Jefferson, he seemed deflated at who was in his locker room.

NFL fans certainly felt that salinity in the postgame chat.

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