A Week in My Life: Rebecca Flitton-O’Brien, Client Services Manager, Pace

Rebecca Flitton-O’Brien leads the client services team at Hull-based creative communications agency Pace.

Rebecca has worked at Pace for the past five years, transitioning from Account Manager to her current role as Head of Client Services.

Pace, which was recently formed from a merger with marketing firm Blab, ranked 17th in Prolific North’s 50 Best PR Agencies for 2022. Last week, the agency was also crowned the fifth fastest growing PR agency in the North.

Rebecca shared how a recent week in her life went…


We’re still hot in the office holiday season, so this week started with the return to the office of two of my team. After chatting with them about their family adventures, we get back to work on client updates and transfers. Mondays are always a busy meeting day for me, after the morning small group where the whole agency comes together to share key priorities and potential news hijacking opportunities for clients, I catch up with my MD Anita – who has also been on a well deserved break.

After a vegetarian lunch (we do Meatless Mondays at the office), I tell the team about a potential pitch opportunity we have for a health care brand. It’s an exciting opportunity and we’re already exchanging ideas at the PR and social media meeting.

Mondays end with a trip to the gym. I find the gym essential for decluttering my brain after a busy day – it’s often mid-workout that I find the solution to something that’s bothering me or a new creative idea pops into my head; the notes application on my phone is well used!


Today is one of my favorite kinds of days and that’s why I love my role – me and Senior PR Manager Jo are going to visit a client. After a rainy trip down the A1, we spend the morning discussing their PR goals before enjoying a delicious lunch and discussing how we’re on the fence with vegetarian meat alternatives.

On the drive home, our heads are buzzing with ideas and Jo takes notes as I drive, ready to pull together in our PR strategy. I then call the office to go over a few other items that have come up during the day. I catch up on a few emails when I get back before I log off and take the dog out for a walk – I have to take a few steps after sitting the car for a few hours – before my husband and I make our Gousto tea.


After a long wait, I have a new starter on my team! Kathryn, our new Client Manager, was on three months notice in her old role, so it seemed like a long time coming! I spend my morning with her, showing her around the office and reviewing the clients she will be working on before the rest of my team takes over her onboarding schedule.

All of our new hires participate in “speed dating” where the newbie meets everyone from across the agency in quick 15 minute conversations to learn more about their role, what they do and, very importantly, how they take their infusion during the tea tour!

The afternoon is spent catching up on a few emails before taking on two different ideation sessions – the first is Christmas content planning and the second we are establishing a new email hierarchy for clients for a upcoming campaign on their new sustainability credentials. Wednesday is another gym night for me – I go three times a week straight from work, so there’s no chance of sitting on the couch in between.


After our morning huddle, I work on a tender proposal for a public sector client before a weekly work-in-progress call with eco-cleaning company Bio-D. I’m joined by Hannah from the PR team as we share the progress of our activities, including new product launches, award submissions and their email newsletter.

I catch up with the social media team after lunch to discuss lessons learned from this month’s reports. It is important for me to have a global view of our performance with various customers on different channels. help identify opportunities for improvement or change.

Lunch today is a short walk to Trinity Market in Hull. There are plenty of options to tickle the lunchtime taste buds, but today’s pick is a falafel wrap. I walk in the sun before returning to the office – it’s really important to get away from your office at lunchtime, not only physically but also mentally to recharge your batteries for the afternoon to come.

Back in the office, I complete the tender from earlier this morning, then check in with the studio on their progress with another pitch. I love that part – seeing the initial creative output following the briefing. Design is moving in the right direction as we discuss some refinements, I’m already looking forward to seeing the next iteration!


There are a few deadlines to meet today so I’m in the office before everyone else, it’s nice to take advantage of the quiet time. Checking things off my to-do list, I spend the morning thinking very quickly with members of the design and social media teams as we work on our “one minute brief”.

Each month three people get together to work on a creative idea which we present at our monthly team meeting and we enter the best in the Drum’s Chip Shop Awards. We were really thrilled to win an award recently for our Hello Girls idea which fused Wonderbra’s infamous “Hello Boys” commercial with an important breast cancer message.

The day ends with our Friday drinks – a great opportunity for us to enjoy a cold beer and catch up socially; our culture is one of my favorite things about Pace and something I remember not taking for granted.

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