A new version of iMessage could launch with Apple’s rumored AR headset

A major iMessage overhaul could be on the horizon.

According to a sketchy rumor from Majin Bu on Twitter, Apple is working on a major overhaul and improvement to iMessage. The account says a “resource” tells the leaker that the new version of iMessage will feature a new home screen, chat rooms, video clips, and even new augmented reality chat features.

The leaker goes further, saying that the new version of iMessage will launch alongside the company’s augmented reality headset.

According to my resource, Apple is working on a completely revamped new version of iMessage. New home, chat rooms, video clips and new augmented reality chat features. It should be released next year along with the new headset.

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Could a new iMessage mean RCS support?

It is not yet known how valid the rumor is. Majin Bu has a mixed record when it comes to the Apple rumor mill so far, so we’ll have to take this one (as with any rumor) with a grain of salt.

If Apple is working on a new version of iMessage, there’s a big question many of us are asking and it has nothing to do with an app overhaul, chat rooms, and AR experience. That’s if the new version of iMessage, as Google has been shouting for years, will support RCS.

At Google I/O 2022, the company really took off the gloves and launched a campaign called #GetTheMessage to push Apple to embrace the new messaging standard:

“We hope every mobile operating system will get the message and switch to RCS, so your messages are private no matter what device you’re using.”

RCS is a big upgrade over SMS, allowing for longer messages, higher quality media sharing, message reactions, and end-to-end encryption. This would be a game-changer for people communicating between Android and iOS.

WWDC 2023 kicks off in June 2023 so, as crazy as it sounds, we’re only eight months away from finding out if the rumors being made today actually turn out to be true.

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